Amazfit adds automatic nap tracking to its smartwatch line-up

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Amazfit has added support for nap time to its smartwatches, boosting the health credentials of the Chinese company’s devices.

Off the back of Apple announcing native sleep tracking via watchOS 7, an update to the Amazfit GTS and Amazfit GTR now means that sporadic day time naps will be tracked just like sleep.

For those who love (or need) some afternoon downtime, most fitness trackers come up short. For many, this is an issue with differentiating between when you’re asleep or just watching TV.

However, if you drift off in the day time with your Amazfit smartwatch, it will now be logged alongside night time naps.

There is one caveat, however. Your nap must be longer than 20 minutes for it to be logged, but otherwise, there’s no manual action required on your part.

Very few leading fitness trackers have the ability to track naps manually. Any system that uses manual sleep tracking would be able to log a nap, although not all apps are geared up to log two distinct sleep sessions in a 24 hour period.

So this small update from Amazfit actually offers something new for the wearable industry.

We heaped praise on the Amazfit GTS’s sleep tracking prowess in our review period, and was impressed by the detail and analysis of night-time tracking.

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And this can be seriously useful. New mums, shift workers, and those with health or lifestyle needs rely on naps. If you’re taking sleep monitoring seriously, then all sleep should be tracked – and nap tracking make that possible.

How it’s analysed in the app, however, remains to be seen.

The update is rolling out now, starting in Vietnam – so it’s not fully clear when we’ll see land in the US or Europe.

Look out for firmware versions Amazfit GTR and version for Amazfit GTS. You will need Amazfit app version 4.5.3.

Happy napping.

Via: Tizenhelp

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