Quirky Samsung smartwatch patent shows a moving display

Designs for a Samsung smartwatch that'll move to face you when you speak
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A Samsung Patent application for a potential new smartwatch shows a pivoting screen that will change its position to face you.

Sound weird? That's because it is. The patent shows an in-built camera that will check where the user's face is, and move the screen to face them for a more convenient viewing experience, according to Patently Mobile.

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This could be useful if your hands are full or you're driving, you would still be able to check the time easily. But this wouldn't be great for sly time-checking during a boring conversation, an moving smartwatch screen can't be very conspicuous.

Although the patent shows an oblong watch face, it's likely this kind of tech could work on the more attractive circular displays we've seen from the rumoured Samsung Gear A.

Quirky Samsung smartwatch patent shows a moving display

Part of the patent notes describes a feature where "instead of a gesture, the user may enable the display to be automatically moved by a voice command". We already talk to our watches to set alarms, take notes and respond to messages, so this feature could be useful, maybe.

It's always good to see companies playing with the boundaries of what's deemed normal in the tech world. Unfortunately, although this could be useful, we can't image it working very well in real life scenarios. The time and money could be better spent on improving the viewing angles of convention smartwatch screens.

What do you think Samsung should do to stand out from the other next-gen smartwatches? Let us know in the comments below or over on our Forum.

Quirky Samsung smartwatch patent shows a moving display

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