Hajj Guider startup will help pilgrims get to Mecca with a band and an app

A band to help guide you and your family during Hajj and Umrah
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Hajj Guider is wearable startup that aims to help people communicate and navigate during Hajj and Umrah.

The wearable is a relatively small band that offers communication as well as health and location tracking. It works without internet or cellular signals, can last up to five days on a single charge and offers walkie talkie-like communication with a range of up to three kilometres.

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While the wearable can work without the need of a smartphone, a Hajj Guider companion app for the wearable can offer more functionality, as it will make use of your mobile's connectivity such as GPS. The smartphone app offers a detailed Hajj and Umrah Map, help with rituals and travel booking as well as location and health tracking of your friends and family.

"The initial idea was to create a mobile application to help pilgrims track each other and navigate during Hajj and Umrah," co-founder, Hasam Ahmed Khan told The Express Tribune.

Khan added: "We are in talks with the Hajj Ministry in Pakistan to make the band compulsory for Pakistani pilgrims. They seem very interested in using the product."

The startup is based at Plan 9, a technology incubator of Punjab Information Technology Board, after securing $30,000 in seed money from Middle East startup accelerator, Oasis500.

Although Hajj Guider has competition such as GeoTracking GEO-SOS, but the alternatives are more expensive and rely on mobile phone signal.

The band will be priced at or below $100 and aims to be ready for Hajj 2016. Hajj Guider startup will help pilgrims get to Mecca with a band and an app

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