Samsung Gear IconX update makes it easier to control the listening experience

The ambience is up to your discretion
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Samsung is continuing its tear of wearable updates. Having given the Gear S2, Gear Fit2 and Fit2 Pro some love, the Gear IconX is the next Samsung wearable to get an upgrade.

Most of the update is focused on improving ways users can adjust the IconX's listening experience. There's a new equalizer feature that introduces five new preset audio settings: bass boost, soft, dynamic, clear and treble boost. In the IconX companion app, you can select the mode that best suits your needs at that moment.

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Ambient Sound, which lets you hear external sounds around you, can now be adjusted, so you can choose how much of the outside world is being leaked into your ears.

Then there's the new ' Voice Focus' feature, which you can turn on to enhance Ambient Sound when indoors. Essentially, it forces the IconX to amplify the voices in your environment. So if you're in a noisy lounge or coffee shop, you can turn it on and better hear your companions - a bit like what Doppler let you do with the Here One and Nuheara does with its IQ Buds.

Finally, music management is getting a little easier, too. There's a new wireless transfer feature that allows you to wirelessly transfer music from your smartphone to your IconX. You can also add a couple tracks at once, should you want to mass migrate some music over. This way, you won't need to mess around with any cables.

The new IconX update is available now via the Samsung Gear app. It's nice to see Samsung march through its wearables and giving them all some love, bringing genuinely useful new features that make the devices that much better.

We found the IconX to be a surprisingly good hearable, though we do wish some of these updates were adjustable on the device themselves rather than having to adjust them via the companion app - that's been one of our chief complaints with the Ambient Sound feature, especially.

Samsung Gear IconX update makes it easier to control the listening experience

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