New Samsung Gear Fit2 & Fit2 Pro update makes it easier to watch your weight

It's never too early to get that beach body going
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Last week Samsung issued a surprise update for the long-in-the-tooth Samsung Gear S2, updating its interface and debuting several new features. Now, a week later, the Korean giant is back at it again with updates for the Gear Fit2 and Fit2 Pro.

The new update is largely focused on the way data is displayed. Weight Management is a new feature that displays how many calories you're eating and burning via a new gauge-like UI. It'll both tell and show you how many calories you're either under or over your goal. If you're in your target zone, that'll be reflected there as well.

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It's a simple new interface so that you can quickly and easily get a glance at what you need to know for your day. Fitness Program lets you sync your workouts from your phone to your TV, and you'll be able to control and follow video content on your TV from your wrist. So you can look down and see that you've done two out of 10 squads and your heart rate is 94.

There are other fitness-based improvements in the software update, too. The workout screen has been streamlined to show three pieces of data at a time. You can choose which pieces of data you want to show, and your options include distance, calories burned, duration, and heart rate.

New Samsung Gear Fit2 & Fit2 Pro update makes it easier to watch your weight

Similar to the Gear S2 update, there's also a multi-workout widget that allows you quick access to your favorite workouts. Then there's the Health Summary widget, which does what you think it does and displays your exercise metrics for the day.

It's good to see Samsung issue a series of updates for its wearables over the past week, and it's making us wonder if we could see another update next week for the Gear S3 and Gear Sport. This would keep everything fresh and tidy for a few more months until Samsung unveils the Gear S4.

New Samsung Gear Fit2 & Fit2 Pro update makes it easier to watch your weight

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