Samsung Gear Fit2 beefs up its fitness tracking features

Heart rate and exercise tracking get a big boost
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The Samsung Gear Fit2 came out almost a year ago, but Samsung is continuing to freshen it up. The Korean company has just released a new software update for the device that beefs up its heart-rate and exercise tracking features, allowing users to improve their training experience.

First up is heart-rate zones. Now when you finish a workout, there'll be color-coded graphs that break down your exercise by level of exertion: moderate's light orange, vigorous' dark orange and maximum's red. It's based off your maximum heart rate during the exercise.

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Automatic fitness tracking has also been improved. Now when you exercise for more than 10 minutes, activating the automatic fitness tracking, the Gear Fit2 will update the map displayed after your workout with your location. There's also customizable pace targets, which allow you to input your goals so that the system can build you a workout tailored to help you reach them. You can even choose between runs designed to burn fat or increase cardiovascular endurance.

The standing reminders that nudge you every 50 minutes now will also give you instructions for simple stretches to get your blood flowing when you do stand. Sleep recording is also getting an upgrade, with a graph that lets you know how long you've spent in restless, light and motionless sleep and notifications that give you "in-depth" sleep insights.

Samsung Gear Fit2 beefs up its fitness tracking features

Rounding out this fairly extensive fitness tracking update is the ability to customize what information is displayed during workouts, the ability to send quick SOS alerts with your location by tapping the Home button, and the ability to browse and download watch faces on the device.

The update is available now, all you have to do is head to the Samsung Gear app on your phone to download it to your device.

Samsung Gear Fit2 beefs up its fitness tracking features

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