Samsung Gear Fit2 tips and tricks

Get the most out of your Samsung fitness tracker

The Samsung Gear Fit2 along with the Gear S3 and the S2 smartwatches proves that the Korean tech giant is starting to get a hang of making wearables you'll actually want to wear.

It was also a bit of a step up from the original fitness tracker/smartwatch hybrid. It still has that crisp touchscreen display and sleek Tizen OS, but also throws in built-in GPS, automatic exercise tracking and recently added the ability to better monitor indoor workouts when you're working on those abs.

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After giving it a throughout workout for our comprehensive review, we've been back living with the Android and iOS-friendly wearable to see if it's still a solid all-rounder.

Whether you're thinking of picking one up or you already own it and want to know what it else it can do, here's our pick of handy Gear Fit2 tips and tricks to help you become the master of your Samsung wearable.

Connect Spotify to Gear Fit2

Samsung Gear Fit2 tips and tricks

Unfortunately, the Gear Fit2 doesn't support offline playback on Spotify like its Samsung smartwatch compatriots, but it will let you control features from your wrist.

To do it, make sure Spotify is downloaded on your phone. Then, while still on your phone, head to the Samsung Gear app and tap 'Essentials' where you'll find a list of apps. Pick Spotify and download it for the Fit2.

From there, you can listen to the music through Bluetooth headphones, skip songs, shuffle, repeat, save songs, search for workout music, access playlists by albums or artists and select recently played. Just make sure your phone's still around because the Fit2 needs the connection.

Transfer music to the Gear Fit2

If you'd prefer to go on a run and leave your handset behind, luckily you can pre-load some tunes on the Gear Fit2. Using the Gear app, select 'Send music to Gear.' You can pick specific songs or turn on auto-sync to pile on tracks from certain playlists.

There needs to be music already on your phone - you can't transfer from a computer just yet.

Quickly jump to your favourite modes

The Gear Fit2 doesn't pack voice control like the Gear S3 or Gear S2 smartwatches but there is a way to access your favourite app, whether that's monitoring caffeine intake or launching the heart rate sensor. First you need to go into the Samsung Gear app and go to Settings. Select Double press Home Key and assign the app you want to quickly launch.

Simply double tap the home button (that's the smaller physical button) on the side of the Gear Fit2 and you're good to go.

How to change the watch face

Samsung Gear Fit2 tips and tricks

The good news is that you're not just stuck to one or two watch faces here. There's nine already pre-installed on the Gear Fit2 and it's really easy to change things up.

Press and hold down on the watch screen and you'll be able to swipe through the different options. You'll then be given the option to stylise faces changing up colours and complications (widgets) if you prefer to have shortcuts to distance covered over step counts.

You can install more from the Samsung Galaxy App Store but you'll have to do that from your phone first before syncing them back to the Fit2.

Forget S Health, use UA Record instead

Samsung Gear Fit2 tips and tricks

If you're looking for a bit more from your companion fitness app, Samsung has recently introduced support for Under Armour's collection of apps including Record where you'll also get MyFitnessPal integration to track food. Head to the Galaxy App store through the Gear Fit app, search for Under Armour Record and hit the download button. You won't regret it.

How to switch out widgets

Widgets pop up when you scroll left to right from the home screen of Gear Fit2. Sometimes the order isn't really optimized for your needs - but it's pretty easy to customize.

Scroll left to the widgets then long press the screen. The haptics will kick in and you can start picking which ones you don't want by tapping the minus symbol, adding by choosing 'Add' at the end and drag current widgets to move them. The last one can be kind of hard to do on the small vertical screen, but we've found that holding and moving the widget up and around the other is best.

Send quick replies on Gear Fit2

You can read all the messages you get on the Fit2 but you can't actually type anything back. However, there's a list of pre-set messages Samsung provides - and you can add your own to the list as well.

To do so, you'll need your Android phone again. Open up 'Settings' and then 'Quick Messages.' From here, you can add or delete from two lists: quick responses and call-reject messages. Press edit or the plus symbol for your own list of customized messages.

Customize your fitness profile on S Health

Samsung S Health is quickly improving, giving you more scope to check in on your data. It's important though to get the basics right and update it with your most current info (age, weight, height, exercise frequency etc). This will ensure the sensors on board and the data they record are as accurate and insightful as they can possibly be. This is also a place to set training plans, paces and goals you can set to use with your Fit2.

How to tag heart rate

Samsung Gear Fit2 tips and tricks

You can turn on continuous heart rate tracking for a complete look of your heart on a 24-hour basis (with some caveats also previously stated) or you can manually take your heart rate.

For tracked workouts, heart rate monitoring kicks in immediately. Whichever way you want to do it, you can also tag heart rate each time you use it. That way you can keep track of what's what in your 24-hour log. There aren't a lot of options to choose from - in fact there should be an option to voice-input your own tag, but for now there's a preset list of choices.

Exercise with friends

Together is a feature recently added to S Health that's made its way onto the Gear Fit2. With it, you can complete step challenges against friends. There are also leaderboards you can check to make sure you stay on top.

To enable the feature, head to S Health and select 'Manage items'. From there, scroll to the far right on top and enable the app to send SMS messages. Not allowing this will close the feature and you won't be able to use it. Choose some friends, then get stepping.

Creating a shortcut on Gear Fit2

It's easy enough scrolling to find your favourite app in the widgets section or apps list, but you can also create a shortcut with the home button.

Just head to the Gear app on your phone, tap Settings and pick the one you want. After that, just double press the home button to open the app.

Turning on sleep tracking

While it might not make it obvious, the Gear Fit2 does actually monitor sleep automatically. But you need to make sure everything is set up correctly in the S Health app to make it happen. If you have an iPhone, you might find it difficult to do, but it works perfectly fine in the Android app. Launch the app and go to the More section and select 'Manage items'.

Here you'll be able to toggle on sleep tracking. You'll also need to register your device to create the connection between the phone and Gear Fit2. Now you can nod off, and when you sync the data it'll be displayed in S Health detailing aspects about your sleep.

Connecting Bluetooth headphones

Head to the settings gear on the Fit2, tap 'Connections' then Bluetooth. Make sure your headset is ready for pairing (usually holding down the power button) so it will show up on the Fit2. Once the name shows up, tap it and you're ready to start listening to music from the wearable.

Get better battery life

The Gear Fit 2 can manage to muster up to three days of battery with the power saving mode enabled, but in general will get you through a couple of days of tracking before you're clipping back into its charging cradle.

There are some easy ways to help it push a little closer to those three days. The first thing to do is to turn off automatic data syncing to S Health. That's a big drain on battery. You can do that by going to the S Health app, heading to Settings and then Account to toggle off automatic syncing.

You can also turn off the always-on watch mode, decrease the brightness from the dropdown menu (swipe down on the watch screen) and limit the notifications you want to be alerted about. This can be adjusted in the Notifications menu in the Gear app.

How to reset the Gear Fit2

When your Gear is on the fritz, you can reset it in a few simple steps.

There are two different reset methods available: light reset, which deletes all data except media files and personal data; or factory reset, which resets all settings to the factory default values and deletes all data.

Both options can be found in the settings icon on the Gear Fit2. If you can't even access the Fit2, backup and restore from your mobile phone through the Gear app's settings.

What do you think?

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  • veronicamaki·

    please tell me where I can enable sleep mode? Is it automatic? Thanks

    • lalauhoh·

      its automatic

  • bananaman·

    where is the setting to set to manual sync you refer to above? can not see it on the gear fit 2, in the gear fit app or S health? currently my bluetooth is draining the battery considerably and i'd prefer manual sync as need to leave bluetooth on so can use while driving on handsfree.

    • Rassilon·

      Good question. I don't see an option for this either, and wish I could pair the phone some other way. Bluetooth is a battery hog on my Note 7.

    • game_changer·

      The app syncs with the gear when you drag the screen down like you're doing a refresh in gmail. 

    • Chance·

      Go to S health app on your phone, once at the home screen of that app touch in the top right corner "more." Then click setting. The first set of settings is called general, the first choice says account with you email or account name. Touch thay area, then will take you to another page where is says, "sync now, auto sync, and last is sync via WiFi only." Turn Auto sync off, turn it on then click sync via WiFi only on. That should answer your question and help data. I just got this thing like 4 hours ago and it's my first device like this. Seems pretty accurate to me so far. 

  • MrsGixxer·

    I'm very disappointed in this fitness watch. I've used Fitbit for years and this is definitely a step down.  I woke up this morning with over 2000 steps and one flight of stairs to my credit only I don't sleepwalk. My husband drives all day and somehow got more steps than I did when I walk around a lot during the day.  Nothing is user friendly about it.  Probably the only feature I like is the HRM.  I also can't find any help online. The only thing I find are reviews and they aren't even accurate. Sure the screen is pretty and the features if they worked would be great but they don't.  I've had it a few days and I am pretty sure it is going back along with the other Samsung phones and watch.  

    • ACK·

      Have to agree...wildy inaccurate step count...tested it by counting steps as i walked and it seem to count any where between 1 and 4 times my actual steps....this need to be fixed..Also no auto link to the do not disturb setting on the phone...what the.....

      When I'm sleeping why does the screen turn itself on when I turn partner has let me know its her or the band....

  • kniles·

    I ran 18 miles today and it is saying I ran 60!  How can it be so off?

  • Lex808·

    actully i use it daily and only take it off while shower with power off, it seems to be pretty accurate to me, all sensors working fine. Not that im a pro and know exactly every step and heart beat but it matchs my treadmill readouts on distance, heart rate and calories, speed ect..

    Maybe check your info on s health weight height ect..

  • RIC0·

    I'm fed up after 2 years of dealing with fitbit charge hr's bubbling wrist bands. Have there been any similar issues with the fit2?

    Also, can I sync the fit2 with my pc?


  • Shzusuziq·

    I love my gear fit 2!  Does anyone know what the light that comes on from the back of the Watch mean? I notice it at night, when I move  my watch around on my arm it goes off.  I'm guessing it means it's not making a good connection on my wrist, buy I'm not sure. ....

    • Mikeeee·

      It is the heart rate meter.

  • Pseudoecho·

    Ran 10km race today.. Gearfit2 recorded distance (11km), duration, calories, pace but no map..

    GPS was turned on.. I dont know why there was no map. This prevents me from syncing to strava..

    • IanWong·

      you should activate the execise mode (running) in your gear fit 2, for activate the GPS and data will link to your strava

      • Paullee·

        do i have to have data to view the map? My run only shows tre trail but not the map

  • AlanR·

    Hi I am about to buy a fit 2 though I have been able to download the Gear app when I go to the s health it says it is not compatible with my Samsung S3. I have seen apps for the fit 2 that give basic fitness functions which I would be happy with. Do I really need s health to use other apps? Thanks Alan

    • Candy1177·

      I had this issue with my gear fit and my S3. It was bc my phones operating system was our of date. I had to had 4.2 or above and mine was 4.1. My problem was my phone wouldn't update bc I have a straight talk phone and they don't release updates so I had to buy a new phone just so I could use,my watch. Hopefully you can just go into the settings on your phone and see if there is an update for your OS.

      • Paullee·

        it support kit kat 4.4 and above only

  • austinlake92·

    anyone know how to turn off certain tracking features?

    I love this smartwatch and have had little issues except that it sometimes believes I'v accomplished multiple floors (which is not true, at all) or that I'm cycling while driving...

    If there's a way to completely turn off auto detect and just track steps and sleep, that'd be great.

  • Kj44·

    If you are a serious runner, this tracker is NOT for you.  I  received this as a promo when the wife got the new Note 7.  I was excited to try an all-in-one unit that gave me the opportunity to leave my phone at home on runs.   The GPS on this unit is not even close to accurate.  I have had it for 2 weeks now and have taken it on 12 runs. Most days it gives me creditfor considerably more distance than actual. My recent 8 mile run was logged at 8.96. Most runs come out at 10 to 20 % higher than actual.   I tested it against phone and other GPS watches and it does not compare.  Poor readout in outdoor light. HRM must be very tight to work.  On board music player with Bluetooth is very nice but GPS accuracy is a deal breaker. 

  • ldwoods2·

    Does this have wireless charging?

    • Daftary·

      Nope, instead there is docking station where it gets attached to the magnetic pins and charge. Nothing to connect to gear fit though.

  • dbo187·

    Can anyone help with this device tracking steps while I'm driving it's very frustrating and making me consider returning the device as it renders all data useless 

    • kbear9945·

      i have the same issue w/ the flights of stairs.  It's clocked me at 169 flights of stairs (which would be taller than the twin towers by comparison) and yet somehow I only burned 1500 calories. Go figure.  Additionally, it has my bmr at only 1600 a day, which is also way too low.  Not impressed at all.

  • jperrin225·

    Approximately how far away from my phone can the fit 2 be and still be connected via Bluetooth to use spotify? 

  • nicholeD9241·

    can you turn off all vibrations/ sounds on it? i have to go to school and i dont want it to go off. also what do the 2 buttons do

    • chriscontroller·

      you can just pull down the very top bar and click on the circle with a dash in it. This will enable do not disturb mode.  The bottom button is menu and the other is back I think.  

  • Mpowered22·

    the watch works fine for me, but the biggest issue for me is I have no idea how to display the date. And to use 24hr instead of 12, I'm not even sure if it has any of the features I'm talking about

    • chriscontroller·

      You can just download a watchface that has what you're looking for.  They each have different settings, some even have a current weather button :)

  • billthemoose·

    Just got a Fit2 as a free offer for buying the S7 Edge. Still trying to figure it out and haven't actually put it on yet, Steps/Floors counts show "0", but I notice it's got a count of 1539 calories burned already, right out of the box, and I cannot find a way to reset that count. I did the "Light reset" but the calorie count came back. Anyone?

    • alyssad·

      All of the fitness trackers do this, actually. Even when you're not doing anything, your body is burning calories, so it will automatically figure the average calories burned by a body at rest.

      I had a FitBit Charge HR before this and it did the same thing.

  • kbear9945·

    So far, I'm not impressed.  The floor counter is WAY off - so much so, that it's stating I've climbed a total of 169 flights of stairs today (The Twin towers only had 161 floors by comparison).  I cannot figure out how to change the playlist for the music I've downloaded, so even though I've loaded it w/ about 75+ songs, it only plays 13 of them unless I go to the track and specifically select an individual song - which is not conducive for a decent run.  Also, although the GPS will track your running - it doesn't show against a map on the fit - it's a black and white grid, so there is still nothing to show where your run is located.  I received the fit 2 with the Note 7 promotion, and if I could - I'd return it. REALLY REALLY glad I didn't actually pay anything for it or I'd be po'd right now.

  • alyssad·

    I have the opposite problem as some of the others.  My floor counter is not registering floors at all, I was in my basement twice this morning and it did not count the 2 flights coming back up, or the 3 times last night. 

    I would also like to see customizable faces like the ones that were available for the original Fit.  I haven't found any yet that I feel express my personality, and would prefer to be able to use my own pictures.

  • Narvajay·

    Can you download a picture from your gallery for the face?

  • dcuz·

    So frustrated with Samsung right now. First get the new Note 7 have to return it due to malfunctions ( exploding)  they switched me to a Galaxy S7 Edge got the new phone on a Sunday Monday night it did a update and corrupted my brand new 128GB SD card then I was told oh you just will have to reformat your card now, and loose everything that is on it.Then I finally get my Gear fit 2 in the mail after I returned phone  to now have it freezing up and not being able to turn it off or on. Having to do a reset on it REALLY!!!!!

  • BETH123·

    I believe this tracker works much better than my Fitbit trackers did, it also allows me to read/delete or respond as well as interact with my device.  It however is not accurate on stairs, never counts when I've climbed a flight (not once and I've  had this tracker for a couple of weeks now) but the biggest downfall is its lack of compatibility with my endomondo app, I use my endomondo for all my fitness tracking from walking, running, biking, to yoga, & stretching 

    • Ken321·

      The tracker uses your arm motion to register stairs. If you are holding the railing with your tracker-hand, the stairs won't register because your arm isn't moving up and down. Try going up the stairs without holding the railing or wear the tracker on your other wrist. See if it registers then.



           I have been using the gear fit 2 for several weeks, I notice it gets stuck in inactive mode, even though im up and walking it still says inactive.  Any ideas?  Also the sleep mode doesnt seem to be acurate, I woke up and looked at the watch and fell back asleep and it said i slept all night?


  • Lakergirl·

    my messages are not showing in notifications 

  • mosh·

    hi, can I use the watch without a samsung phone? i was looking for a cheap gps watch and i like all of the functions of this one.

    • lottjam1·

      yes.  i am using my with a Nexus 5x with no issues...

      • killsport·

        I can't get the quick messages to sync. I can change them in the gear app, but they don't show up on the gear fit 2. Also on a 5X. What messaging app are you using, if you can successfully change the quick messages? 

  • aria·

    How can I recharge battery? for $180 I would like to use it for more than 2 days

    • mavisbean·

      put it on the charger that came with it

  • KSVX·

    does it track steps or floors if its on and kept in my bag(basically not on my wrist)

  • AndresVargas·

    I 'm using the MyFitnessPal app to track my food intake.  Is any way to use the steps count of the Galaxy's Fit 2 info to feed the calories I burn directly to the app? The S Health is the only app that supports? Thanks. 

  • KimCul·

    is there anything I can do about having a smaller wrist and it not sending text or picking up your heart rate. 

  • Npmvio·


    can you help me please? I'm looking for the firmware of Gear Fit 2, I have to flash that, do you have a link to get it?


    • Npmvio·

      Hi,  please can you help me please? my Gear Fit 2 is without firmare and I need to flash that!...thanks to all!

  • Tsf·

    can you sync the gear fit 2 with the lose it! app?

  • Stub·

    My sleep tracker has stopped tracking over the last few nights. When I wake it simply states inactive for that period. Any ideas why?

  • LeslieFigz·

    Can you monitor your heart rate with the "other work out" feature? If so, how?? Your heart rate doesn't show up if you select that as your activity option .  

    • Paullee·

      it does not track the HR for other workout mode.

      • ChristoBresler·

        Do you know what to select if you just want to monitor your HR for a workout? Say for instance a gym session.

  • Paullee·

    how can i see the map after a run? Do i have to have data (connected device) to view the map after a run?

  • Paullee·

    I've done a run the with gps on n it do track my run. However I can see the map at all. Do i need data (sync with phone) to track my run n maps?

  • matteastnz·

    Hi all, my Samsung Gear Fit 2 is sync'd up with my Nexus 6P running Android 7.0. I'm lucky to get a days worth of battery, despite not really interacting with the device, I have a white on black background for the watch face, but still the battery drains. This article mentioned above, 

    "The fitness tracker can automatically sync with S Health to supply the latest data set its collected - but this is a total battery drain for both your wearable and mobile device.

    Best to just set syncing to manual meaning each time you open the app, the devices will sync."

    How do I set syncing to manual meaing it will only sync when I open the app on my phone? i can't find any documentation anywhere that outlines how to do this.



  • nomarjos·

    I can't download the GPS tracks of my Samsung Gear Fit 2.

  • rmunoz75·

    any one know how to hear calls on my phone while connected to gear fit2?

  • Nabs75·

    Do any no how to get the watch faces back that you already purchased?

  • TheBudah·


    I received a GF2 from Samsung as a perk for buying the Galaxy Note 7 which has now been returned due to the issues. 
    I received the fit2 about 2 weeks ago but only started wearing it last week
    I wore it for about 3 days -- had to charge it nightly
    now it does absolutely nothing !!!

    any ideas ????

  • Sco17135·

    Anyway we can download Pandora Radio or any other radio other than the one it comes with to the Samsung gear fit 2

  • traveljunkie·

    Can you set up workout programs on the Gear Fit2?  For example a beep after 2 minutes, then a beep after 1 minute, repeat for 60 min.  This is for a run/walk training program.

  • Hxm·


    I finally returned the fit2 for the 3th time to repair :

    Realy unacurate floor count.

    The calculation of calorie burned during lesmilles course is completly false.


    I'm really frustrated because this product was so promising...with this product i wasn't discovering new functionnalty but new issues that so many people reported in different website! . Samsung did not bring any fixes for all the major issues. 

  • jesseds·

    Is there any issues with having both a Gear Fit 2 and Gear S2 connected to your phone? I wouldn't wear at the same time but sometimes I want the fitness watch connected and other times I want the smartwatch connected.  Will this destroy battery life or cause connection issues?

    • rachaelj·

      can anyone tell me how and if i can turn off auto pause.. i went for a walk 10 minutes in it auto paused i was walking at a very fast pace and everytime i would continue it manually it would auto pause 3 seconds later. Hheellpp

  • Greg1447·

    is it for serious runners?  Sure seems like a lot of negative.  I'm thinking I should just stay with my Garmin 235 with the strap. Thought i might try a strapless. I need accurate GPS, and accurate hr zones. Could care less about phone up, and music!! Not steps or stairs.

  • Shadow7721·

    can I go swimming with it

  • saravana·

    'Gear fit 2+Bluetooth headset' is not a standalone system for listening to music. We need to carry the phone with us while running outdoors. Gear fit 2 acts as a remote control for operating phone. Not impressive.

    • jainrajeshm·

      you have to send music or songs to your gear fir...and then link your bluetooth headset to fit2...u can listen to music after that

  • Rapage83·

    how do u add music to the device using iPhone 7 plus.  I can control the music from it but can not figure out how to add music to the watch for stand alone play.  

    • MagnificentGS·

      Hi, I am looking for the same answer, How do we add music to Gear Fit 2 as iphone users?

      Any one who managed to do this?

  • ExNASATerry·

    My Fit 2 buzzes (two rapid buzzes) several times at night or in the morning, when I'm lying in bed trying to get back to sleep. I don't know if it does it while I'm actually asleep. There are no notifications on the watch, and it doesn't turn on the screen (I have to turn it on by pressing a button, but as I said, there are no notifications). This morning it did it four times in about a 5-10 minute span. I have no alarms set at that time. It's almost like it's asking me if I'm awake! Pretty annoying since it kept me from going back to sleep.

    Any thoughts on what it's doing and how to stop it?

    Other than that, I'm very happy with this device.

  • ScottyG·

    I want to track Km walked while playing golf, how do i reset my Km count once I start on the first hole?

  • Yogesh·


    I just loved the gear fit 2 but biggest drawback is Bluetooth with music......battery drain

    secondly a suggestion....please add customization in pace option. This will help runners to time their runs against constant pace selected by the runner and not as given in the app (s-health)

  • Helpme1·


    I have a fitbit charge hr and a samsung gear fit 2. can i only use the samsung and the steps and everything is showing on the fitbit app and s health. So my question is: can i sync s health and fitbit?


  • hosie·

    I've just set up my Fit2, and still unsure of it. After wearing it for a day I'm finding that it records time when I'm actively exercising the TV remote as "sleep". How do I fix that?

  • Stepho·

    Does it have a clock option, like does it just show the time??

  • realskills·


    With the old samsung (YP U6 & U7 series) mp3 players you could start a stopwatch and playlist at the same time in running mode. Do any of the Samsung Gear watches do this? I've searched all over but nothing seems to guarantee that you can start both at the same time. For a lot of things it appears you have to start one, then scroll to the other and start that, but that affects my running time unfortunately. If this does that then I'll get it. Any info on this is much appreciated.


  • Epahl·

    When walking on the treadmill my fit counted it has stairs not steps.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?

  • TonyGAnderson·

    I use the Gearfit 2 with Plantronics Legond  bluetooth headset for walking. The voice feedback is distorted and soft. If I run Endomondo from my Galaxy S7 the voice feedback quality is loud and clear. I contacted Endomondo regarding this issue and they said the voice comes from the Gearfit 2 when a walk is started from it. Is there anyway yo improve the voice feedback quality when using the Endomondo app from the Gearfit 2. Listening to music from the watch is excellent. 

  • Plifsey·

    It seems as if one of the tiny gold contact pieces has fallen out preventing the watch from connecting to the charger. Any idea on how to or if it even can be fixed?