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Samsung Gear Fit2 will now count your crunches and squats

Latest software update makes fitness tracker a better fit for indoor workouts

If you've already picked up the Samsung Gear Fit 2 or you're thinking about bagging one in the Black Friday sales, the fitness tracker and smartwatch hybrid is adding some pretty handy features that make it even more useful in the gym or out on a run.

The GPS-packing wearable is getting an Auto Pause mode that pauses the device when you stop during a running or cycling session. That could be when you're held up at some traffic lights or just need to take a breather. This should lead to improved accuracy and means you'll be fiddling with your Fit2 a lot less.

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Samsung is also adding something called Automated Dynamic Workout Tracking. That means there's now a greater range of exercises the Gear Fit2 can recognise. It's now adding support for basketball, table tennis, badminton, dancing and soccer. You'll need to engage in at least 10 minutes of that activity for it to be registered, which sounds very similar to Fitbit's SmartTrack exercise detection software.

Last up is a new Streamlines Sets for Indoor Activities mode. This means you'll now get rep counting for exercises such as crunches, lunges, squats and star jumps. This is actually already available for the Gear S3 and joins other rep counting wearables like Jabra's Sport Coach Special Edition headphones, the GymWatch and the Atlas Wristband.

The latest Gear Fit2 over the air update has already started rolling out and will do so internationally for all users. Samsung and Android phone users should be notified through the Samsung Gear app when it's available to download.

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Wareable may get a commission


  • Chaven says:

    One would  have expected that being  a Samsung originated  product  that retail  prices  would be more competitive than some of the other established smart watch brands like Tomtom and Garmin. You can get a Tomtom Runner 2 with  cardio and music for R2499 at some outlets. Samsung please bring down your prices. After all this product is simply derived from mobile  phone technologies. 

  • Meemoo752 says:

    Well, I did have one and really liked it, but the defective buckle Samsung designed for it came apart while I was wearing it one day. The device fell off and is now lost. The crazy part is that it was pass code protected so now whoever has it can't use it. I bought a Fitbit Charge 2 to replace it and the buckle works just fine. It's great Samsung is adding more features , but save some hard earned money and don't buy one until they do something about the buckle.

  • yoboy says:

    I received this update early this week and so far I like the update. GPS tracking is more efficient and performance has been tuned up. Navigation through menus is a lot faster and notifications have been enhanced visually. I tried the indoor tracking and it works as good as it is. The pause feature for activities is fun as I always felt rued when I would stop at traffic and the workout would end. Although, I still feel that the floor counts need more work.

  • clarencemaddox says:

    I was driving to work and I felt my heart racing so I checked my heart rate and it was 156 so I  continued to work and my heart rate was 155 an hour later so I went to the emergency room and the reading was 158 but they were able to get it under control and the doctors credited my fit2 for alerting me by allowing me to check my heart rate.

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