Samsung responds to reports of Gear Fit2 burn complaints

It wouldn't be the first time a wearable has rubbed users up the wrong way

We've been here before haven't we? After Fitbit, Basis and even Polar suffered issues with its fitness trackers causing rashes or even overheating, some Samsung Gear Fit2 users are claiming that the wearable has left them with burn-like marks on their wrist.

One user posted about the issue along with a picture on a Samsung Community page back in February, and was joined by another user on the thread earlier this month who claimed to have experienced a similar issue from wearing the device.

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While it doesn't yet appear to be a widespread issue and we can't be sure that the wearable is the cause, we contacted Samsung who provided us with the following statement:

"There are no known safety issues with the Gear Fit2. We are unable to comment until we obtain and thoroughly examine the product. Customer safety remains our highest priority and we remain committed to working with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product in order to address the customer's concerns."

This isn't the first time we've heard of stories of wrist worn tracker woes. The Fitbit Charge has been dogged by skin irritation complaints and we have a forum thread filled with disgruntled Fitbit owners to prove it. Those issues were being levelled at the elastomer band it uses on its tracker.

Last year, Polar confirmed that its A360 tracker was causing an allergic skin reaction and allegedly, the Apple Watch suffers from similar issues, but the jury is still out if that's as widespread a problem as the Fitbit one.

We've already reviewed the Gear Fit2 and started living with the device again recently and don't have any skin irritation issues to report. After Fitbit's problems, it does now go to great lengths to remind users about taking care of its trackers, whether that's taking them off every now and then or even giving them a good wipe after a sweaty workout.

Hopefully it's not a problem for Samsung. Especially after having to deal with that whole Note 7 exploding debacle.

Have you experienced any issues using the Samsung Gear Fit2? Let us know in the comments below.

Samsung responds to report of Gear Fit2 burn issues

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  • Salsa2·

    I experienced painful burns on my wrist when I first started wearing my gearfit2.  It was caused by the heart rate monitor checking periodically throughout the day.  I turned that feature off and only monitor heart rate during exercise now and have had no further issues.

  • Mum0·

    My Gear fit s 2 battery problems were a little differ. I purchased one at  Best Buy and was told by Samsung In-store Rep I should get 2-3 days battery life.  I didn't get one day.  I was told by Samsung Support it was defective return it to store.  I returned it toBest Buy and exchanged it for new one.  Same thing happened. Two watchers in less than 2 weeks! This time I returned to Samsung. Their solution,  it was a bad battery.

    As a side note,  I purchased the Gear fit s2 with moneyI received from returning 2 Fit bits that had caused a rash. I had the original Gear Fit with no problems and wanted to upgrade.

  • Akinoopop2·

    I have the gear fit.  I actually had 2 of them. Both ended up with "water" damage.  This made the warranty null and void from Samsung.  I wore it to work out.  The first one started going crazy, constantly buzzing after I ran a 5K. I was shocked when they said water damage since It was supposed to be water resistant and I was supposed to be able to wear it in the shower,  but I never did.  It was crazy to me that I could ruin a fitness watch through sweat and then be told that my warranty was void due to water damage.  I had a warranty through Amazon that gave me a new watch but it happened again. 

  • Stewmac7·

    no problems at it

  • blue2berry·

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  • ghodewar·

    I have been using gear fit 2 for over 5 months now and never had issues of burn or allergy. I think users need to understand that the device comes with BT, WiFi, GPS, Auto HR all these systems (trackers) - by default are  "ON". Users need to have the sense of using the correct tracker in their device given the activity they want to track.

    I switch off GPS, Auto HR, WIFI services when i don't need these services. Also, I will switch off all services when its bed time - but still wear gear fit 2 to record the sleep data ( unless I sleep walk and need GPS!). Its sensible to not take shower with the device worn, yes its water proof to an extent - but come on  -- what are you really tracking inside the shower with the device - Taking shower is not an exercise nor do we need GPS to find the shower area ..... Notifications are less full also !!

    I think users must get sensible with the use of devices and think which clock work they need to be active at a given point of time. I have seen friends who keep all function turned ON - and then complain about the device !!!! With a great device comes the responsibility of using it wisely --- remember Spiderman

  • kristel1·

    Within an hour of putting my gear fit 2 on today it started itching. Took it off, wiped it clean. Put it back on... It got worse and worse until it was burning. Now i have lots of tiny little blisters under where the heart rate monitor was. Never had any of this with the fitbit :(

  • 50limited·

    I got my Gear Fit2 with the Note 7 in August 2016.  I had a small rash on my left wrist around February this year that started out as a patch of dry dead skin. I started putting CeraVe on it and moved it to my right wrist.  I now have a small rash on my right that I noticed today.  This is not good.  

  • Bribo11·

    I myself have had the watch for months and began to get raised irritated fluid filled bumps that turned into scabs. I'm not sure if it's an allergy or burn. I keep my device very clean and dry. I Stopped wearing the watch for a month to allow my skin time to heal. When it was time to try my watch again, I noticed the rash/burn was back within a 3 hour period . Not really sure what to do. Very frustrating

  • Antonmercieca·

    I have a gear fit 2 I was given on my birthday in February 2018. I use it for couple months it was fine. Then all of a sudden I would get like a little burn. Stung on my wrist then it would turn it self off!! It now won't charge and everyone I turn it on it does the same thing!! But If keep pressing buttons on side it will stay on but gets hotter and hotter till I stop then it will turn off again!!

    Any suggestions??

  • E_Hasley·

    Today I noticed I have a red mark on my wrist under the place where the Samsung Gear Fit sits. I usually wear it all of time, only taking it off to recharge it, and of course taking it off when I shower. I removed it today and noticed the red spot on my wrist. You can see a clearly outline of the Samsung Gear Fit from my suntan line where it sits, and now on my lighter un-tanned skin is the red mark! I don't know what to do because I use the step counter, and heart rate function, and the notifications from my phone are just a valuable tool I will miss if I cant wear this anymore. I will see if this red mark goes away in a few days with out wearing it.

  • djtonytrips·

    i have a mark on my wrist from it, it is on the side of the wrist were the 3 copper dots on the gear are. don't know what is causing it is irrated and burns. just googled it today to see if anyone else had a similar issue. going to document it and see what i can do about this. don't even want to wear it any more