Samsung just accidentally leaked the Galaxy Watch on its own site

New smartwatch seen for the first time, in rose gold
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Over the past couple of weeks, word on Samsung's upcoming smartwatch has been leaking out like nobody's business. We finally learned, for instance, that it's going to be called the Galaxy Watch, not the Gear S4.

And now we know what it looks like. First spotted by Cnet, it appears that Samsung accidentally leaked the Galaxy Watch on its own website. Specifically, the 42mm rose gold version was revealed.

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We also get a good look at the model number, SM-R810, which matches up with the previously reported model number for the Wi-Fi variant of the smartwatch. The LTE model goes by SM-R815.

As for the looks, we're seeing some familiar Gear touches. The two buttons on the side are almost identical to the buttons from the Gear S2. In fact, the Galaxy Watch appears to draw more from the Gear S2 than the Gear S3 in design. It's a lot less squarish than the S3, going much more round save for the lugs where the band attaches.

Samsung just accidentally leaked the Galaxy Watch on its own site
Image credit: Scott Stein, Cnet

As for that band, it looks like Samsung's silicone bands won't change in design too much. They still have those horizontal lines, grooves that create some grip while you're working out.

Finally, that digital watch face looks very traditional. There's even a cute sub-dial. The bezel on hand here seems to have some dimples on top and grooves on the side as well, so it looks like Samsung is marrying some of the more rugged looks of the Gear S3 with the more svelte Gear S2.

We'll likely get our full look at the Galaxy Watch in just a couple weeks, as Samsung is rumored to debut it at its 9 August Unpacked event.

Samsung just accidentally leaked the Galaxy Watch on its own site

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