Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

Take control of your workout tunes and leave your smartphone at home

Music makes running easier, but for those looking to run to their tunes and have their workouts tracked with a GPS running watch, it usually means strapping on a phone, too.

The good news is the latest running watches and smartwatches are coming equipped with on-board storage and even music streaming access, so you can leave your smartphone behind and run untethered.

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While dedicated sports watches still offer the best way to train, GPS-equipped smartwatches are quickly catching up. And below are our picks for the best running watches with music playback skills.

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Best running watch with music playback

Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

Yes, Garmin has finally made a sports watch with a built-in music player. The Forerunner 645 lets you drag and drop music files from your computer to your watch and pair Bluetooth headphones to give you another reason to leave that smartphone behind.

There's one physical button on the side of the watch dedicated to giving you quick access to those music controls, letting you do the basics like skip through tracks and change playlists.

Along with enough room for 500 songs, Garmin is also offering offline listening support for select music streaming services. Deezer is one of those services on board, although access to its streaming music catalogue is currently not yet live (though may be imminent with the arrival of Connect IQ 3.0 changes). There's also support for iHeart Radio, but Garmin might be looking for an alternative after the iHeartRadio owner recently filed for bankruptcy.

You can have a read of our Garmin Forerunner 645 Music review to get the full verdict on its music and sports tracking features.

$449.99, | Amazon

TomTom Spark 3 Cardio + Music

Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

Now, we know that the Garmin is not cheap, so we've decided to suggest a more affordable route to a music-packing sports watch, too.

TomTom may now be getting out of the wearables game, but that doesn't mean the Spark 3 isn't still a great option when it comes to running with music.

Not only does it boast all the normal running metrics (distance, speed, time), but its built-in optical heart rate monitor aced our tests and plugs into nearly every running app.

In terms of music, though, it's the storage for 500 or so MP3s (3GB), which it'll play via a pair of wireless headphones, that helps the latest Spark standout from the TomTom crowd. The feeling of running unencumbered by your phone isn't to be underestimated. Make sure you get the '+Music' version though, obviously.

For more on this, take a look at our TomTom Spark 3 review. And if you like trail running, you should check out our TomTom Adventurer review. It offers all the same music playback features along with some additional outdoor sports tracking modes.

$249.99, | Amazon

Amazfit Stratos

Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

With TomTom not the most reliable option moving forward, it's also worth throwing the Amazfit Stratos - another budget option compared to the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music - into this list.

It doesn't just compare favourably to the top pick in this field with regard to price, either, with the Stratos matching Garmin with 4GB of storage data for your music files. In our testing, we found the music controls to be limited, but generally the playback lives up to basic expectations.

Like other sports watches, the meat here is in its built-in tracking modes, which is also backed up by GPS/GLONASS support and a heart rate monitor. Thanks to a partnership with Firstbeat, more advanced metrics, such as VO2 Max and Training Load, are also on board.

For the full details on its music tracking capabilities and tracking chops, jump over to our Amazfit Stratos review.

$199.99, | Amazon

Smartwatches with fitness & music

While running watches have long been the only choice for serious athletes, the smartwatch is fast catching up. The benefit is that smartwatches have the full power of apps at their disposal, while dedicated running trackers are one-trick ponies, albeit with superior tracking chops.

Choosing a smartwatch currently means losing the in-depth stats, such as cadence tracking, vertical oscillation monitoring and other pro-running feedback, but means you can get big beats straight to your headphones.

Apple Watch Nike+

Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

With the Nike+ edition, Apple has given its smartwatch more of a focus on running, while tweaking the strap and software to make it easier for runners to strap it on and put the built-in GPS to the test. But behind the Nike-themed watch face, it's still Watch Series 3 at heart - and Apple is greatly improving how you experience music through its latest generation.

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Previously, you could play music by transferring playlists from your phone and pairing a set of Bluetooth headphones. Now, though, Apple Music subscribers rocking the Series 3 with LTE will be able to stream music directly from the watch. The feature was delayed at launch, but has now started rolling out. And for those who want to save money, you'll have to pick up the Watch Series 1 if you want to experience (non-streaming) music playback, with the Series 2 now confined to the smartwatch graveyard.

From $329 ($399 for Series 3 LTE), | Amazon

Samsung Gear S3

Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

We weren't the biggest fans of the jump up in size from the Gear S2, but with the built-in GPS, a more rugged design and built-in music player you can go running with the Gear S3 sans smartphone.

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The only drawback is that you have to transfer music through Samsung's own music player, but thankfully it's really easy to do from the Gear Companion app. If you download the Spotify app and you are signed up to the music streaming service, you can also stream from the Gear S3 Frontier with LTE connectivity. It's also the one of the only smartwatches that offers offline playback via Spotify as well.

Give our Samsung Gear S3 review a read to see what we made of the run tracking skills of the Frontier.

From $349.99, | Amazon

Fitbit Ionic

Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

Fitbit's first smartwatch is also its first device to pack in music streaming from the wrist, though just where you are depends on how effective this feature currently works.

Unfortunately, unlike Samsung, there's no Spotify support just yet, but those in the US will have access to Pandora in order access offline listening. If you're in Europe, that door is closed to you, but Deezer support is set to land on the the watch in the coming months.

Thankfully, putting music on the watch itself is actually fairly straightforward, since this can be done through Fitbit's own music app. To do so, you need to go through the desktop Fitbit Connect app and select the files you want to sync. Once on there, it's a case of pairing your Bluetooth headphones with the watch and you're away.

For a deeper take on how the device fares in music streaming and beyond, take a look at our Fitbit Ionic review and our Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition review.

From $299.95, | Amazon

Samsung Gear Sport

Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

Although we've talked through the Samsung Gear S3 on this list, the Korean giant also has the Gear Sport for you to consider.

Just like the Gear S3, the Gear Sport's killer feature in this regard is the ability to tap into Spotify. You can sync music either via the phone's Bluetooth connection or by connecting your watch to your Wi-Fi, and once you're all logged in you can browse all of your playlists and select what you'd like to download.

The smartwatch harbours 4GB of built-in storage to stick those your music on, which is about 500 songs, and is a great pickup for those looking for something slightly cheaper and, in our view, nicer looking than the chunkier flagship smartwatch.

From $299, | Amazon

Polar M600

Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

Very much a Polar running watch first and Wear smartwatch second; the Polar M600 is unashamedly a fitness device, so much so that it's almost inaccurate to compare it to the current crop of smartwatches at all.

But a smartwatch it is and, as such, it comes with the same musical skills as the rest of the Wear-clan. GPS run tracking is on the money and the stats and metrics the excellent Flow app provides post-run make it the top smartwatch for runners.

For an extended look, have a look at our Polar M600 review.

$329.95, | Amazon

LG Watch Sport

Run to the beat: Best running watches and smartwatches with music playback

The LG Watch Sport was one of the two debut Android Wear 2.0 (now Wear) smartwatches, the other being the LG Watch Style. It's a well-equipped fitness watch, with built-in GPS which we found to be spot-on.

As for music options, there's Google Play Music support straight from the watch, but if that's not your bag there's 2.35GB of storage to load your own music onto the device, too. Google told us it's working with other streaming services for support, but we're yet to hear anything more on this.

Take a gander at our full LG Watch Sport review.

$349, | Amazon


  • LaxMom says:

    NOT really in depth.  Just returned my Microsoft band. Still looking. I want exactly what MS band offered but must have comfort.

  • keith says:

    You mention some watches enable you to stream music. I don't believe this is possible. Which one(s) were you referring to when you said "equipped with on-board storage and even music streaming access ..."?

  • Fangjun says:

    The Samsung Gear S doesn't have a built-in GPS sensor. How is it "GPS enabled"? Does "GPS enabled" mean it has to be paired with a carry-on phone with GPS?

    • skullmonkey says:

      It does have GPS, I run with mine without my phone. I use Nike+ and it records my route.

    • NoThanX says:

      When the Gear S is not paired to smart phone, it will use it's own GPS. This requires cellular service but will accurately map out your run. I do find that it's accuracy leaves a lot to be desired, so factor that in. I side load my music list and pair it to a wireless headset. Works great for anything under a half marathon.  More than that, and I had to turn GPS to save battery life.  Been using it for about 9 months and enjoy it.  It's also nice to have a phone on my wrist when on long runs, without having to carry my actual smartphone.  Hope that helps. 

  • SatomiTakara says:

    You've got a couple typo's in there. I assume that's supposed to be blood "sweat" and tears under the apple watch and also I'm pretty sure it was supposed to say leave your smart"phone" behind not leave the smart"watch" behind

  • FiReeves says:

    Do you know if Garmin are planning on bringing out a running watch with the option to upload music?

    • SarahKB says:

      I'm curious about this too - seems like the only one left without music storage capability.

  • gleepglop says:

    you should do better research. Timex One does NOT stream music! It's a mystery as to why not, what with the 3g connection, but it doesn't. Which is such a disappointment!

    • cschwegs says:

      This is my discovery too @gleepglop, it DOESNT stream music. Streaming music, in my mind, is the ability to pull up apps such as Spotify and actually stream music. I purchased this watch based off of this review, and am VERY disappointed that I can only listen to music uploaded to the watch from songs I've purchased through iTunes. I'm sick of this same songs and don't want to bring my huge iPhone 6plus on my runs and would really appreciate some technology that allows me to stream music, in the truest sense of the phrase. Streaming music is not just playing music from your watch to your bluetooth headphones - that's a great feature but certainly not unique!! Your review is extremely misleading @CDR_Shepard!!

  • Jbry says:

    should of added in the motoactv.

    Though discontinued in 2013, still the best smart watch around. 8g or 16g available.

  • Pashlit says:

    Just got 16gb model. Practical, but way too bulky. Not a watch to wear all day. Samsung's Fit 2 looks attractive and comfy. A bit buggy though based on reviews.

  • skinnerneil says:

    The sony SW3 has terrible GPS... Slow to lock and then frustratingly inaccurate.

    My "dumb" garmin forerunner 25 has no fancy features but works perfectly as a fitness/running tracker.  Super fast GPS lock and very accurate.

    Now if Garmin could figure a way to give me this + offline spotify playback - I would purchase in a second.

  • fabianC says:

    So I've had the SPARK watch for 9 months but the strap ruptured after 5 months (mostly running and swimming). Since then I have been waiting for several months for the replacement strap... 

    Regarding the music, the data transfer to the headphones only works when there is nothing in the way. 

    So the watch has to be on the left side and it will still loose it's connection and cut the song when the workout get a bit harder and your arm movements get wider.

  • CChute says:

    The Polar has an awsome feature not mentioned - it allows music playback when it's not connected.  That's huge.  Too bad it's only on Android though.  

  • bogdanovits says:

    Bought RunIQ today and Android 1.5 is the op system :-) not the 2.0 with no possibility to upgrade

    • m.sawh says:

      Hi, we were told that the RunIQ will be upgradeable to 2.0. We're hoping that the update lands in the next few weeks

  • jd113 says:

    I really want to buy a running watch but i NEED music playback. It doesn't have to stream- it just has to be able to take my playlist with it when i go out for a run and stream through Bluetooth to my wireless earphones. How is it possible that the Garmin Forerunner 630 doesn't have this feature??

    My Needs are: GPS, Bluetooth, Accurate Heart Monitor, Music Playback. 

    Can anyone make a good suggestion?

  • jd113 says:

    I really want to buy a running watch but i NEED music playback. It doesn't have to stream- it just has to be able to take my playlist with it when i go out for a run and stream through Bluetooth to my wireless earphones. How is it possible that the Garmin Forerunner 630 doesn't have this feature??

    My Needs are: GPS, Bluetooth, Accurate Heart Monitor, Music Playback.

    Can anyone make a good suggestion?

    • Runner2017 says:

      TomTom Spark Watch works well for that.  That is what I use.  Recently used it for the NYC Marathon and it lasted the whole way

    • Sleekguy says:

      You have spark 3 as a good option. Limited do to only mp3. If you go for a LG Sport or Polar M600 you can make your on play list from 40 million song at Google Music or soon Spotify 

  • Runner2017 says:

    TomTom Watch works well for that.  That is what I use.

  • chiqui says:

    Ive been wanting to buy a running watch for the last 2 months now, but I keep running into indecision over reviews! I'll read an article like this where the watches look great, but when I go to the manufacturers websites, the user reviews are totally different. Tomtom spark3 with music and cardio was a big contender for me, but from the website it looks like glitchy music play is a big problem - has anyone encountered this?? I would absolutely love to be able to run without my phone....

    • m.sawh says:

      Hey Chiqui, what are the main things you are looking for from your running watch? We can certainly offer some advice based on the ones we've tested

  • MasterNeeks says:

    You should add that the TomTom (and I think the S3) require users to purchase music. Example, if you have a Google Music subscription, you can't download music for offline play back and transfer it to the watch. Also Moto 360 sport battery life takes a plunge after a year. 

  • PornchaiChantha says:

    Michael, what are your thoughts about the pricing? It seems like wearables are costing more than cell phones (the price when people upgrade), yet they're hyperfocused on fitness alone. Also, the price may prevent them from touching different markets - are you going to spend $300 on a watch, if you're not THAT committed to a working out?

  • Sleekguy says:

    Samsung Gear 3 got the offline Spotify feature some months ago. Premium subscribers can listen while online, offline and without their smartphone. 

  • Xilityxlauta says:

    What about Gear Fit2? GPS, Offline Spotify, 4Gb storage. Currently $129.99.

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