Spotify on Apple Watch: 8 tips and tricks to help you master your music

Learn how to download playlists for offline listening, control playback and more
Spotify on Apple Watch: 8 tips and tricks
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If you're a Spotify subscriber and own an Apple Watch, you're able to download playlists, podcasts, albums and songs straight to your smartwatch - and listen offline.

Custom playlists, Spotify Connect and playback control via LTE or Wi-Fi are also available, making Spotify a pretty complete experience on Apple Watch nowadays.

In this guide, we'll take you through the entire app. You'll learn how to download playlists, control your music, browse through menus and even ask Siri to play something.

How to use Spotify on Apple Watch

1. Download the Apple Watch Spotify app

1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

2. In the 'My Watch' tab and under the heading 'Installed on Apple Watch', check if Spotify is already downloaded. If it isn't installed already on your Apple Watch, scroll down to the 'Available Apps' section and hit 'Install' on Spotify.

3. On your Apple Watch, open the app grid and find Spotify. The app will also open automatically when you start playing music from your iPhone.

2. Control playback on other devices

Whether you're listening on your phone, a wireless speaker or even using the Spotify app on game consoles, you can automatically control playback from your linked account through the smartwatch.

Even if you're playing something from your phone, for example, the Apple Watch Spotify app will automatically open when you raise-to-wake - providing you do the following things:

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Spotify app downloaded on your Apple Watch, as well as on your phone, laptop or tablet.
  • Make sure your Apple Watch and the device you're trying to control are on the same Wi-Fi connection.

3. Download music and podcasts for offline listening

How to use Spotify on Apple Watch: offline playback and more

You can easily download content from Spotify to store on your Apple Watch, letting you listen to it on the move without needing to be connected to your phone - or having to use LTE, either.

What you will need is an Apple Watch Series 3 or later that's running on watchOS 7 or later, an LTE or Wi-Fi connection and an iPhone running iOS 12 or later - along with a Spotify Premium subscription, of course.

Follow these steps to download Spotify songs, playlists or podcasts to your Apple Watch:

1. Make sure you're running the latest version of the Spotify app on your phone or tablet; this will ensure your Apple Watch is also up to date.

2. In the Spotify app, find a playlist or album you want to download, hit the three-dot menu button and choose 'Download to Apple Watch'.

3. In the Spotify Apple Watch app, swipe right to find the 'Downloads' folder.

4. If successful, downloaded playlists will be indicated by a green arrow.

4. Browse playlists and tracks

Browse playlists and tracks

The Apple Watch's Spotify app offers pretty extensive control over playback and browsing.

A swipe to the left shows your Library and recent playlists that you've interacted with using your Spotify account. From here, you can scroll with your finger or the digital crown and change the playlist.

You can also hit Library and swap between playlists, podcasts, artists and albums and browse options within, playing any track you feel like.

You won't get all the options in your library, but you'll get an extensive list of the most recently played 20 or so.

If you swipe to the right, you'll get a list of tracks within the currently selected playlist, allowing you to select the exact song you want to listen to.

5. Add songs to your Spotify library

Add songs to your Spotify library

You can add music to your library straight from the Apple Watch screen.

The prominently placed heart can be tapped, turning green, and the track will be added to your account's Liked Songs.

As on other devices, untapping the heart will also remove it from your library and Liked Songs.

6. Stream over LTE

Spotify enables users to stream music without their iPhone present, but they'll need an LTE connection if the playlist, song, album or podcast hasn't been downloaded to the Apple Watch previously.

If you have a cellular plan set up for your Apple Watch, the smartwatch's Spotify app will stay connected even when away from your iPhone and allow you full control over the experience. You don't really need to do anything.

7. Control Spotify on Apple Watch using Siri

How to use Spotify on Apple Watch

Spotify also gives you hands-free control via Apple's smart assistant, Siri, giving you easier access.

To get Siri to play something from your Apple Watch, you can ask it to help you out with the following:

  • Play your favorite songs, playlists, podcasts, artists and albums
  • Adjust volume, play/pause and skip tracks
  • Play Discover Weekly
  • Add songs to your library by 'liking' the current track