Stridalyzer is an injury early warning system for runners

Indian startup's smart insole can foresee legs and foot problems before they start
Stridalyzer stops you getting injured
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It’s no surprise that India has been active in the wearable tech revolution and new company ReTiSense could be about to make a huge breakthrough for runners.

The smart insole, called Stridalyzer, inserts into footwear and detects your susceptibility to knee and foot injuries, which can plague runners training for long distance races. Using sensors that measure impact and pressure across the foot, Stridalyzer will calculate a percentage risk for the user of an injury occurring from the way they run.

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It's the product of necessity for company founder Anshuman Singh, a former Intel employee and co-founder of ReTiSence.

"I was an avid runner for 10 years, and then I started facing foot problems," he told The Economic Times.

The company has interesting plans for Stridalyzer, which should hit crowdfunding sites in December, ahead of a 2015 release. It’s also looking at a premium service, which would connect the data from the smart insole to fitness professionals, who could then coach you to run better.

This isn’t actually the first insole to come out from India. The Lechal smartshoe caused a stir earlier in the year, which promised to guide users with haptic vibrations, which acts as an activity tracker, step counter and could be a lifeline for blind people.