The next step in wearable tech: Lechal smartshoe goes on sale

The world's first interactive haptic feedback footwear

With the focus in wearable technology heavily centred on devices that go on users' wrists and heads, Indian company Ducere Technologies have taken the bold step (almost literally) of launching the Lechal smartshoe, which it claims are the world's first interactive haptic feedback footwear.

Born out of project which was initially centred around aiding visually impaired people, the Lechel smartshoe takes the usual fitness tracker ingredients - distance recording, route directions, calorie counting and so on - but puts them in a sensor on your heel.

It's the insole part of the Lechel that is actually smart - that's where the module is located. Users can choose to buy a pair of trainers with the clever insoles already inserted, or just by the insoles themselves. There's also the option of replacing the front part of the insole, so you needn't worry about wearing out your latest wearable.

The 'interactive haptic feedback' aspect comes by way of vibrations in either feet which alert users to a range of things including directions and nearby acquaintances. The module connects to a smartphone app using Bluetooth.

These vibration alerts are a result of the company's previous visual-aid prototypes and the company is still involved with the L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad and is pledging to provide a subsidised pair of Lechel shoes for a visually challenged person for every full price edition purchased.

Coming in two black and red colour stylings, the Lechel insoles have a three day life span. They go sale in India, in September, with prices starting from $100. We'll let you know if they hit UK shores.


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