​RunKeeper finally adds Spotify integration – now we want more

Playlists from within that app are a good start, but we runners want more

This morning we awoke to joyous news. Running app RunKeeper has added proper Spotify integration in its latest update.

It’s been a long time coming, and we’ve found ourselves screaming from the rooftops, after switching playlists mid-run to find that Runkeeper has crashed on returning to the app, or having to take extended breaks to juggle the two.

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The new integration means that users will be able to select playlists from within RunKeeper to run, cycle or walk with. It’s a neat integration, but yet we still feel there’s so much more RunKeeper could have done.

There’s no power song feature, like Nike+ Running used to enjoy, so you can't get a mid-exercise boost at the push of a button, and nor is there a way to choose tracks with a steady BPM, to help you maintain pace and a decent cadence while running.

To us, these seem like fitness no-brainers, and we’re not sure why someone’s not taking the mantle to provide them.

Hopefully, this is the first step to a better music experience while running, and we look forward to a point where Spotify is integrated into running watches or smartwatches, so we can finally leave our phone at home altogether.


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