Ringly goes live with new GO smart bracelet collection

The company's mindfulness exercises will also debut alongside
Ringly unveils new GO collection
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Smart jewellery company Ringly has announced a new collection of bracelets, offering a refreshed look with the same internal features.

The new Ringly GO bracelets launch around a month after the group released its Aries spring collection, with the app platform this time receiving a makeover alongside the new jewellery.

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Mindfulness exercises will now be available through the companion, as well as the usual setting and tracking of physical goals, allowing users to take advantage of audio meditation and breathing exercises.

The Ringly GO bracelets will feature a 14k gold plating or stainless steel finish, coming in two different styles - black or blush-nude, seen below - with interchangeable leather straps.

But despite the new look, much of the same is still involved under the hood. Users will be able to keep track of their steps, distance and calories, create goals and receive alerts through vibrations or colours - all within a battery life of two to three days.

Ringly launches new Go collection of smart bracelets

"Tracking wellness and personal health is as important as it is relevant to our culture, and therefore the logical next step for us, further supporting our belief that wearable tech can be more discreetly integrated into our lives," said Ringly CEO and founder Christina d'Avignon.

As we noted during the Ringly spring launch, it's encouraging to see a wider launch of smart jewellery to help mimic the release of regular pieces. With Fossil Group brands such as Kate Spade and Michael Kors set to provide competition, though, whether the company can continue to progress remains to be seen.

The new Ringly GO collection is available from today from 200 of US retailer Target's stores, as well as online here, for $125.

Ringly launches new Go collection of smart bracelets