Samsung patent reveals its next smartwatch may feature physical hands

Filing suggests the Korean giant may follow LG's lead
Samsung's next watch may be a hybrid
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Samsung's next smartwatch may deviate from convention, with a patent revealing the company is exploring the possibility of a hybrid smartwatch.

Unlike the recently launched Samsung Galaxy Watch, the filing, uncovered by LetsGoDigital, shows that the Korean giant is instead looking at the possibility of a device that features analog hands over a touchscreen.

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This follows on from the LG Watch W7, unveiled earlier this October, which uses the same hands-over-screen concept.

And while the company may be a step ahead of Samsung, the patent granted by the USPTO does reveal an extensive amount of detail, according to LetsGoDigital. Previous filings dating back to 2015 are included in the description, with the company outlining the mechanical movement of the hybrid smartwatch and the required parts for manufacture.

Samsung patent reveals next smartwatch may feature analog hands

As we can see from the image above, Samsung is envisaging the watch to be round, in keeping with its current smartwatches, with the display actually sitting above the physical watch hands.

The biggest benefit of these hands, naturally, is their ability to keep running even when the smartwatch element of the watch is out of life. Samsung even describes a system whereby the two modes on the wearable - smartwatch mode and analog mode - are powered by two separate batteries.

Rather surprisingly, the patent also describes how the hybrid would potentially feature a built-in digital camera, which would be placed at the top of the bezel and fitted next to an illumination sensor.

But, of course, before we get all carried away at the prospect of a Samsung hybrid smartwatch (and, apparently, a wrist camera), it's also important to keep in mind the nature of patents. Though this may be something on the company's radar, there's still a very slim chance it sees the light of day - at least any time soon, anyway.

It wouldn't necessarily be a surprise to see Samsung go with the hands-over-screen concept, since it's a company generally at the forefront of innovative design, but we'll have to see a few more hints before we buy the legitimacy of this one.

Samsung patent reveals next smartwatch may feature analog hands