The LG Watch W7 hybrid puts watch hands over a barebones Wear OS experience

Wear OS gets a pair of hands
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Back in April we learned that LG was working on a hybrid smartwatch that would put physical hands on top of Wear OS. It's finally been revealed - so say hello to the LG Watch W7.

Those mechanical watch hands sit in front of a 1.2-inch LCD display that sports a 360 x 360 resolution. Those hands do some nifty things. When you press the button on the side, the hands will move out of the way. They can either move to one position together, or split up - like one hand at 9 and the other at 3, or 12 and 6. When this happens, the text will warp around the watch hands.

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LG has also separated the "touch" and "display" parts of its touchscreen display. The touch layer of the display, which registers your finger, sits above the watch hands on glass. The display screen, which showcases Wear OS, sits underneath the watch hands. To your finger, the Watch W7 will work like any other smartwatch. It all sounds similar to the MyKronoz ZeTime, but with far more polish.

The stainless steel frame also includes IP68 resistance, Bluetooth 4.2 and the last-generation Snapdragon 2100. There's also 768MB of RAM and 4GB of storage for music.

As for battery life, LG says it'll last two days when in smartwatch mode. There's also a watch mode that will keep those physical hands working for 100 days, so even if the smartwatch portion of the phone is dead, you've still got a working watch. The bezel does include numbers that the watch hands will point to.

There are some key things missing from the Watch W7. There's no NFC for Google Pay, no heart rate sensor and no GPS. So you're getting a barebones Wear OS experience here.

The Watch W7 will go for $450, which is a lot considering its lack of features - though it does seem to be going for those focused on aesthetic rather than fitness. It'll be available for pre-order on 7 October and go on sale 14 October at Best Buy.

The LG Watch W7 hybrid puts watch hands over a barebones Wear OS experience

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