Zwift introduces running routes where you can ditch the cyclists

Work out in a bike-free virtual world
Zwift introduces dedicated running routes
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Online fitness platform Zwift is ready to set runners free for the first time, introducing dedicated routes without hordes of cyclists.

There's now five run-only routes that can be accessed through the platform, which requires a treadmill, a wearable footpod (like the Milestone Pod or Stryd) to track movement and a compatible laptop/desktop computer or Apple TV. Those new routes now available are:

  1. 5k Loop - 3.1 miles (100ft elevation)
  2. 11.1 Ocean Blvd - 6.9 miles (171ft elevation)
  3. Chili Pepper - 5 miles (157ft elevation)
  4. Jon's Route - 7.8 miles (192ft elevation)
  5. That's Amore - 4 miles (179ft elevation)

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Zwift, which launched back in 2014, initially catered for cyclists before introducing running support earlier this year. Until now, though, runners had to share that virtual space with cyclists. And while it certainly made the environments feel more alive, it's nice to know you can say bye bye to the two-wheelers, if you want less distractions while you're out virtually running.

Since the launch of the run mode, Zwift has tried to improve the experience, adding three flexible training plans for runners that are designed to fit into the time you have available to train. Activities on Zwift also now count towards challenges on Strava.

So, it's good to see the platform beginning to better cater for runners who prefer hitting the treadmill instead of throwing on all the layers and putting in some miles outdoors.

Zwift running is free to try out and all of the new run-only routes are available to test out now.

Zwift introduces running routes so you can ditch the cyclists