Misfit Phase smartwatch cut to a ridiculous $29 in Black Friday sale

Wear OS smartwatches also see price-cuts in big sale event
Misfit Phase cut to $29 in Black Friday sale
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There are bargains and there are BARGAINS. The Misfit Phase hybrid smartwatch, down from $175 to $29.99, definitely deserves the bold and italic treatment.

Sure, it's an ageing hybrid - it'll turn two years old in January - but if you're looking for a super cheap, sub-$30, tracker / notifier for your wrist, that's not actually a piece of junk, then you're not likely to find a better deal.

A 4-star Wareable-rated device, the Misfit Phase doesn't have a screen, but it will alert you to notifications using vibrations and hand movements, and will track your movement and sleep too.

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The Phase tracks steps, distance travelled, calories burned, and your sleep. Your overall daily activity works on a point system that's calculated from your distance travelled, calories burned and steps done.

It's a simple-yet-effective setup and, as mentioned, at 80% off it represents tremendous value.

You can grab the $29.99 deal direct from Misfit now.

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