The $45 ​Redmi Watch brings 12 day battery life at a smart price

The spec sheet for this Xiaomi smartwatch looks superb at this price
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The Redmi Watch is official – the first smartwatch from the Xiaomi-subsidiary, which somehow manages to turn out wearables cheaper than its parent company.

The Redmi Watch brings a pretty basic spec and design, but grabs the headlines with its $45 price point.

On board is a 320 x 320, 1.4-inch, display at 323ppi, which again is excellent at this price.

It comes in three colors: black, white and blue. It also boasts a massive 12 day battery life.

We’re unlikely to see the Redmi Band head West, but the price is 299 yuan – which translates to around $45. We’re also certain to see it land in India and other territories.

The $45 ​Redmi Watch brings 12 day battery life at a smart price

Of course, a quick trawl of Amazon will reveal plenty of terrible, Chinese-made smartwatches for or less – but the difference isn’t hardware, it’s software. With a link to the Mi App, the Redmi Watch has the power to deliver a decent experience at such a modest cost.

While nothing has been confirmed, we’ve seen the identical looking Mi Watch Lite pass through the FCC. So we should see the same device hit the US and Europe, just under the Xiaomi brand.

We’re also still waiting on a full reveal of the full global edition of the Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sport, too. While that brand has been on sale in China for much of the last year, the company revealed a round-faced smartwatch was heading to Western wrists at some point in 2020, with an equally alluring $100 price.

Add to that the Ticwatch GTX at and the Amazfit Bip S at and there’s a lot to choose from in the sub-$100.

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