Jabra Elite Sport makes a big battery jump with its new update

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The Jabra Elite Sport are a decent pair of hearables, but one our main gripes has been the so-so battery life. Jabra is aiming to fix that with a new software update that not only improves battery life but adds a couple of new features too.

The new update brings the Elite Sport battery life from about 3 hours to 4.5. When combined with the charging case, which gives you two full charges, you'll get around 13.5 hours of battery life, which is enough to get you through a whole day. That's pretty decent for a software update, considering it's just optimizing performance rather than tossing in a whole new battery.

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Additionally, if you're not satisfied with the way the Elite Sport naturally pump music into your ears, you can now personalize its sound thanks to new equalizer profiles. That means you can tune your playback settings to listen to your music how you like it, not how Jabra likes it. Want a little more bass? Need to fine tune the treble a bit? Go right ahead.

Finally, Jabra is launching a brand new color option. It's a more festive Lime Green Gray, giving the Elite Sport a sort of stripe-y look. The update should be rolling out now, while the Lime Green Gray is available now in the US exclusively via Best Buy for $249. That will roll out in Europe later this year.

Jabra Elite Sport makes a big battery jump with its new update

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