QardioCore medical-grade ECG chest strap wants to monitor your heart health

CES 2017: Health tech at the show gets serious
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A niche in potentially life-saving heart monitoring wearables has opened up and Qardio is the latest digital health company getting involved at CES 2017.

Its QardioCore chest strap is a medical-grade ECG (electrocardiogram) wearable that will send live data on your heart rate, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, temperature and activity to your phone.

Like similar devices, such as AliveCor's £199 Apple Watch strap, the QardioCore is designed as a preventative, everyday (or week) health monitoring device to be used at home in between check ups. This could be for patients with a heart condition or anyone who is at risk and wants to keep an eye on their overall heart health over time.

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It's IP65 rated so it's splash and rain resistant and it works with Qardio's other "clinically validated" health products like its QardioArm smart blood pressure monitor and QardioBase smart scale. The company also has a dashboard for doctors called QardioMD, which should make it easier to share health stats for anyone with a digital-inclined doc.

"Cardiovascular health is the biggest health challenge in the developed world and with QardioCore, we make it easier, better and more cost-effective for everyone," said Rosario Ianella, Qardio's CTO. "The ability to view and analyze such important data remotely and in context, as it is being generated, can substantially enhance the diagnostic yield."

It looks like the QardioCore is iOS only for now, with Apple Health compatibility, but it's now up for pre-order for . S

ure that's a big premium on sports HRM chest straps but this tech could be a lot more useful. That said, Qardio is also targeting pro athletes who want to really optimise their training via its 20 million data points.

QardioCore medical-grade ECG chest strap wants to monitor your heart health

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