Circadia pairs a sleep tracker and smart lamp to boost your energy

A Kickstarter for the bleary eyed
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Sleep trackers are all well and good for data nerds but how about something that tries to actually change your habits? Circadia, which is already halfway to its $100,000 Kickstarter goal, is a two part sleep system made up of a sleep tracker, which sits under your sheets, and a portable circadian rhythm light that's designed to give you the right light when you need it.

So how does it work? The tracker monitors movement, heart rate and respiratory rate for starters. It has been tested in sleep labs with a claimed 98% accuracy and the data is used to build a model of your body clock.

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There's also a wake-up light and alarm built in as well as environmental sensors to measure ambient noise, humidity, temperature and ambient light.

As for the smart lamp, this can auto adjust its light temperature based on how out of sync your circadian rhythm via a personalised light therapy programme. Plus, there are presets including 'Insomnia mode' if you want to stay up all night and 'Alertness Boost' for say 3pm in the office. We also like the sound of the 'Jetlag mode' which can help you start to readjust your body clock before you fly. It charges via USB and both the devices work with iOS and Android.

The campaign video suggests Circadia will be compatible with various other apps and platforms including Fitbit and MyFitnessPal. Sleep tracking devices could be one of the first steps towards a wellness smart home so it's good to see a fresh take on combining biometric and environmental data.

You can buy the Circadia system as a set for $169 (Early Bird) or $189 (Kickstarter price) with shipping set for April 2018 and the team of Imperial College London graduates reckons the retail price will be around $269. Or you can buy them separately - $99 for the Smart Therapy Lamp and $129 for the Contactless Sleep Tracker.

Circadia pairs a sleep tracker and smart lamp to boost your energy

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