Fossil has six new Q smartwatches with Diesel and Kate Spade wearables incoming

Baselworld: Fossil gets closer to its target of 100 wearables by the end of the year
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Fossil has added two Android Wear smartwatches and four smart analogue watches to its ever growing Q collection at the watch expo Baselworld 2016.

Alongside its new $95 Q Motion fitness tracker which we just saw at SXSW, Fossil's moves into wearable tech continue to pretty aggressive and we like that, as a fashion brand, it is treating its new wearable tech as fashion products with new styles and materials.

Fossil's Fall 2016 Q collection

So what's new? First up, Fossil has four new (unnamed) styles in the smart analogue collection with a "new non-display technology".

As with the initial connected analogue watch, the Q Grant, these watches don't have LCD screens or run a smartwatch OS but they do act as fitness trackers and handle alerts. We can't see any word of new features yet apart from a note in the release referring to the ability to get incoming calls/messages from VIP contacts alerts via the turning of the watch hands.

There's a mix of - presumably - women-focused rose gold and bold and sportier styling on offer from the four new watches.

Fossil hasn't released prices for these new Q Grant siblings yet but stay tuned for more details - these could really sell well if the mark up from the equivalent "dumb" Fossil watch isn't too high. Under $200 is likely.

Then there's the Android Wear fare. The Q Marshal and Q Wander are more like the Q Founder, Fossil's first Android Wear watch. They both cost $275 and are available in both 42mm and 46mm sizes with the difference being that the Q Marshal has a rugged case and the Q Wander will come in various finishes with interchangeable leather straps.

The new Android Wear watches are also smaller and slimmer than their predecessors with a new slim wireless charger too.

Designer wearables incoming

Fossil has six new Q smartwatches with Diesel and Kate Spade wearables incoming

At Baselworld, Fossil Group also announced that by the end of 2016 we will get wearables from brands including Emporio Armani, Diesel, Kate Spade, Michael Kors, Misfit (which Fossil acquired at the end of 2015) and Skagen.

Each will have unique, branded apps and we can expect all sorts of form factors - with displays, without displays, two operating systems etc.

The designer wearables will go on sale in 40 countries (not yet specified) and in 20 languages and the category of wearable will vary depending on each brand - so not every name on that list will, for instance, launch an Android Wear watch.

We're reporting from Baselworld this week so look out for our first impressions of Fossil's latest fashion wearables as well as more news and interviews from the fancy watch fair.

This article originally stated Fossil was launching five new watches.

Fossil has six new Q smartwatches with Diesel and Kate Spade wearables incoming

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