London Fashion Week 2017: A sprinkling of fashion tech to watch

Music jackets, AR shopping and designer watches
Tech hits London Fashion Week
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Fashion designers are often fairweather friends to wearable tech - embracing it when there's sponsorship and a cool concept - then discarding it like last season's trends.

And so it is that we saw a very quiet New York Fashion Week for tech and only a smattering of innovative fashion tech in London so far too. The likes of House of Holland and Hussein Chalayan, who have previously gone big on technology in recent catwalk shows, swung back to good, old fashion dumb clothing and VR at fashion week also looks to be less of a big deal than last year.

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That doesn't mean there's nothing going on besides buying clothes via fashion brand apps, though. Here's a few things we've spotted so far. We'll update this with any more tech-related LFW stories as and when we see them.

TwentyFour15's connected streetwear

London Fashion Week 2017:

In an echo of what we've already seen from Studio XO and Avery Dennison, London Fashion Week served up a slice of RFID 'wearing the internet' action.

TwentyFour15, a new fashion label aimed at the yoof, was showing off its app connected streetwear designs including a bomber jacket (£770), logo t-shirt (£190) and rucksack (£225), which all feature transforming colour animations to match the beat of music.

The connected collection is launching in early 2018 with further "easter eggs" and "secret code" features teased; FashNerd has all the deets.

Tommy Hilfiger's AR and AI bonanza

London Fashion Week 2017:

Over on Fashion and Mash, Rachel Arthur has the scoop on what Tommy Hilfiger is planning for his Tommynow LFW show on Tuesday.

We won't see any smart clothing in the men's and women's collections but as part of its innovation incubator, Hilfiger has a mobile AR app called Tommynow Snap. The app lets people preview the TH looks using image recognition on the catwalk, ads and in-store products. And, of course, shop it. On top of that, there's now two AI chatbots called TMY.GRL and TMY.BOY - for styling advice.

EA Connected parties, doesn't strut

London Fashion Week 2017:

Like we said, there wasn't much official happening at NYFW either but squeezed in between - not coincidentally - was Emporio Armani's splashy NYC launch for its Emporio Armani Connected Android Wear watch with pop star Shawn Mendes.

EA then had a fashion week show in London but we couldn't spot any smartwatches on the (admittedly female) models on the catwalk. Maybe we'll see it show up in the menswear collections. The Connected is on sale now, check out our hands on and look out for a review soon.

Coming up...

London Fashion Week 2017: A sprinkling of fashion tech to watch

LFW has plenty going on with fashion tech panels, showcases of new materials, Amazon trialling one hour delivery and a fair few presentations and shows - including Tommy Hilfiger - still to come before everything wraps up Tuesday night.

There's been less of a focus on 360-degree video for VR headsets this year, illustrating that this might have been a fad for fashion fans, though we might see more uploads as the week winds down.

We'll also be keeping an eye on Paris Fashion Week (which begins on 25 September and is set to include a fashion and beauty show from connected UV patch fans L'Oréal Paris) and Milan Fashion Week after that. Paris, in particular, has seen a lot more smart dresses and connected accessories in recent seasons.

Have you seen any smart clothing or cool fashion tech at LFW? Let us know in the comments.

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