Ringly's Aries smart bracelet gets two new semi precious styles

Obsidian and agate gemstones join the collection
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Ringly is putting two new Aries smart bracelet styles up for pre-order. You'll be able to get both the bracelets, The Boardwalk and The Roadtrip, for $195 (30% off the $275 retail price) from Ringly's online store later today.

Shipping for all Aries bracelets, which handle iOS and Android alerts, track steps and fitness and have a two to three day battery life, is set for this summer. Sadly that exciting MasterCard NFC payment partnership is coming to future lines, not 2016's launches.

Now, we haven't seen Ringly's second smart jewellery product up close yet but from the press images, Aries looks to be indistinguishable from dumb bracelets.

Ringly's Aries smart bracelet gets two new semi precious styles

The Boardwalk is a silver (coloured), polished stainless steel bracelet with a pyramid stud either side of a 'Snowflake' obsidian gemstone while The Roadtrip has a small crystal accent on each side of a 'Blue Lace' agate gemstone.

A nice treat is that the first 500 people who order one of these new Aries Silver bracelets will get a real diamond on the side of their jewellery and join Ringly's Diamond Club.

Ringly treats its wearable tech products like fashion pieces, introducing new collections throughout last year for its smart ring, Ringly. The original Aries series, announced in March, features gold plated bracelets and semi precious gemstones including lapiz, tourmalated quartz, rainbow moonstone and labradorite.

When we spoke to Ringly's CEO Christina Mercando d'Avignon, she told us: "We get requests all the time but bracelets was by far one of our biggest requests. From day one, it was always our mission to create accessories that were smart but we wanted to nail the small form factor first."

Ringly's Aries smart bracelet gets two new semi precious styles

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