Tory Burch Fret bracelet is a gorgeous Fitbit accessory

If women are going to wear fitness trackers, we need more where this came from
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Tory Burch's range of Fitbit Flex accessories was already the most stylish way to cover up a day-to-day fitness tracker. But now the American designer has outdone herself with this reworking of her leather and metal fretwork bracelet.

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The Fret bracelet for the Flex is slightly wider than the original design, in order to house the tracker, but it looks just as chic. It's a double wrap design, with a clasp, and the leather bands come in black, grey and two shades of brown - 'Bark' and 'Light Oak'.

These are paired with different finishes of the signature metal fretwork which hides the Flex - silver, rose gold, shiny brass and aged gold.

The price reflects the fact that this is a designer bit of jewellery - it's $175 like the Metal Fret Pendant that we've already seen for the Flex. The collection also includes a Metal Hinged bracelet but this looks to be the most practical and comfortable of the collaborations so far.

WareableTory Burch Fret bracelet is a gorgeous Fitbit accessory

Pieces like the Fret bracelet will do much to change the perception of wearables as black, rubber bands.

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Smartwatches are doing a much better job at disguising themselves as traditional mens' wristwatches and smart jewellery - in which the tech is actually built into the jewellery unlike this modular approach - will follow suit.

Misfit, Altruis, Opening Ceremony and Intel are just a few of the companies creating jewellery that we'd wear even if we didn't know it could track our steps, cut out the digital noise from our notifications or display messages when our phone is at home.

The Fitbit Flex itself is an older model in the range of trackers but it's a well-balanced choice with accurate tracking, a good price and an easy to use app. You can now pick one up for as little as on the web.

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