Official Apple Watch Dock coming soon

UPDATED: Now official and on sale from Apple
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Update: It's now official, it costs and is available from Apple right now.

Everybody loves a juicy Apple rumour. A blurry image of the casing from the next-gen iPhone, details on the CPU for a new iPad, FCC filings on an automated Apple Car. Apple rumours are the main source of fuel for the tech rumour mill.

And what a whopper we've got for you now. The image above, which currently has the web in a frenzy of excitement, is purportedly the official Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock. We know, we know... it's all a bit too much to take in.

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Details emerged on the official dock yesterday but have now been backed up with some pictures published by

In all seriousness, it's about time Cupertino offered up a genuine charging station - after all, there's a tonne of unofficial Apple Watch charging docks already on sale.


The official dock, according to the various reports, is powered by a Lightning cable and allows the Watch to be charged flat on its back or in the Nightstand mode that watchOS 2 added.

Simple as that really and it's set to cost $100. We'll let you know the second we get official confirmation of such an accessory.

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