Style it out: The best accessories for your Apple Watch

The top charging docks, cases and more for your Apple smartwatch
The best Apple Watch accessories
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Thanks to a huge range of Apple Watch accessories, there's no shortage of ways to augment your Apple Watch. That could be with fancy charging stands or travelling cases and protection. Or how about a stylish new strap?

If it's a strap specifically that you're after, be sure to check out our dedicated best Apple Watch bands article for even more options.

But whether you've spent your hard-earned money on an Apple Watch Series 4, or you're rocking one of the older versions of the company's smartwatch, it's likely that you're in the market for some nifty accessories to go with it.

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But with so many to choose from, which should you plump for first? Well, read on below for our pick of the best Apple Watch accessories you can buy right now across a range of budgets and styles.

Pad & Quill Lowry Cuff

Buy now: | $99.95

14 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Picking the right Apple Watch strap is tricky business. With a style that can take you from board meetings to the pub, though, this fat leather cuff offers something that will only look better with wear. Hewn from full-grain, vegetable-tanned leather, the luxurious Lowry Cuff is compatible with the 42mm and 44mm Apple Watch, and fits 125-215mm wrists.

Three colour options (tan, brown and black) help fit your personal style, with rugged, hand-finished stitching giving the strap a unique look. Finished with a metal buckle colour-matched to your watch, a suede underside ensures comfort all day long.

Various: Apple Watch Milanese

Buy now: Amazon (US) / Amazon (UK) | $9.99

Best Apple Watch bands: Third-party straps to style your watch for less

The official Apple Milanese loop is mighty expensive, but luckily there are plenty of shameless knock-offs out there for you to explore instead.

Luckily, they don't feel too different from the real thing, and they're a mere fraction of the cost. As we say, with many to choose from, and different sizes and colours available, we'll direct you to the wide crop through the links above.

iGK Sport Band

Buy now: Amazon | $7.99

Best Apple Watch bands: Third-party straps to style your watch for less

Another impression of the official wares offered by Apple, iGK's silicon bands are perfect for those who like to get sweaty with their Apple Watch – that's why it's handy being able to pick these up for less than a tenner. There are a bunch of colours available, and buying a few means you can leave one in your gym bag, so you'll never have to suffer wearing a Milanese loop on the treadmill.

Best Apple Watch docking stations

Elago W3

Buy now: Amazon | $9.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your new Apple Watch

A bit of a novelty, but one that we expect long-time Apple fans will be on board with. That's right, the Elago W3 is actually based on the design of an old school Macintosh, with the back opening up to allow your Apple Watch to sit in the screen gap.

There's no fancy way to store the wire behind the display (just like the Mac itself), but this is certainly one that'll be strong addition to your bedside table, along with the rest of your recharging gizmos.

Belkin PowerHouse

Buy now: Amazon / | $99.99

15 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, that means you also have an iPhone. And since we're not yet at the point where our smart companions can make it a past a couple of days without charging, it's worth considering a docking station that helps you kill two birds with one stone.

Enter Belkin's PowerHouse. Unlike its counterparts, this charging dock nicely integrates both the Lightning charging cable and the Apple Watch's charging puck, meaning you don't have to faff around with your wires. However, be aware that this is still one of the most expensive entries in this crop, despite different versions of the two-in-one now being available for a couple of years.

Anker PowerWave+ Pad

Buy now: Amazon | $49.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Anker is an extremely popular maker of charging accessories, and for good reason. Its proprietary charging tech is fast, and brings fast-ish charging to almost every device out there. The PowerWave+ Pad brings that fast charging to your iPhone, and will also let you charge your Apple Watch at the same time. You can't fast charge your Apple Watch, sadly. However, Anker is also known for well built products at an affordable price, adding to the allure.

Native Union DOCK Marble Edition

Buy now: Amazon | $51.99

14 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

If you want your charger to also be a statement piece, there are few more eye-catching than this one from Native Union. As much as small-scale art installation as a charger, it boasts a design that will fit in with any contemporary home, with both black and white bits of rock available.

Short on space on your nightstand? No worries, it can be positioned both upright or laying flat, each letting you make the most of your watch's nightstand mode. It also does away with unsightly cables and unnecessary elaboration, hiding the magnetic charging pad in a round, rotatable protrusion from its solid, square base.

Bysionics 2-in-1 Wireless Charger

Buy now: Amazon | $33.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your Apple Watch

A budget-friendly choice that can charge a newer iPhone and your Apple Watch at the same time. That's handy if you want something that can tidy up your mess of cables.

This charging dock can also handle up to 7.5W fast charging for your iPhone, too. All for significantly less than its rivals. It's worth noting you'll have to use a charger rated higher than 5V/1A in order to charge an iPhone and Apple Watch at the same time. That means a 9V/2A or 5V/2A adapter.

Spigen S350

Buy now: Amazon | $9.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your Apple Watch

Just one of a few Spigen Apple Watch accessories in this list. If you're looking for an inexpensive night stand, this one is definitely worth considering. It's compatible with every model and size Apple Watch.

You'll have to use your existing Apple Watch charger, which conveniently slots into the back alongside handy cable management. The stand has a Nanotac base, which firmly sticks to a surface, ensuring it doesn't slip.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Buy now: | $79

15 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

We'll throw this one in at the end here, since many of you will no doubt be drawn by the lure of Apple's official charging dock and Apple AirPower remains in the wind.

The downside here, like with all of Apple's products, is that it doesn't come cheap. But, again, like with all of Apple's products, it does have the simple elegance that could see you favour it over some of the third-party options listed above. Users can sit the Watch flat or on its side, meaning it also helps the device double up as an alarm clock.

Best Apple Watch portable chargers

FLAGPOWER Portable Wireless Charger

Buy now: Amazon | $42.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your Apple Watch

If you're worried about your Apple Watch running out of juice while on the move, then you want one of these portable battery chargers. This wireless charger has a 700mAh battery inside, enough to charge your Apple Watch up to two times over.

These are especially helpful for the avid fitness enthusiasts out there as GPS use is one of the biggest battery drains. So if you're running a marathon or longer, pop one of these in your bag to top up after the race. There's a handy clip for attaching to your keys or bag as well.

UGREEN Portable USB Wireless Charger

Buy now: Amazon | $39.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your Apple Watch

Unlike the FLAGPOWER above, this one doesn't have a built in battery bank. But if you're just after a spare portable USB charger, or already have a portable battery bank you carry around, then this is a great choice.

It's got a compact form factor and is more convenient than carrying around the original charging cable. It has a handy built-in stand and a protective cap to keep the USB connection safe, too. All in all, it's a handy travel companion.

CJ Brands 3-in-1 portable travel charger

Buy now: Amazon | $39.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your Apple Watch

This portable charger will be an absolute lifesaver for anyone fully on board with the Apple ecosystem. If you've got AirPods to go along with your Apple Watch and iPhone, this handy gadget can charge all three.

Your Apple Watch attaches magnetically just like the standard charger, the AirPods pop inside a hidden charging case and your iPhone can be charged over USB via a Lightning cable.

As there's a 5,200mAh battery, this will charge your Apple Watch a handful of times, whilst topping your iPhone up more than once. Handy little LEDs tell you how much charge the internal battery has left. Now you don't have to carry around more than one charger if you're constantly on the road.

Twelve South TimePorter

Buy now: Amazon | $49.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your Apple Watch

Now this is one handy Apple Watch accessory. First off, it's a compact travel case that can hold your Apple Watch charging cable, a USB wall plug adaptor and extra Apple Watch bands.

Even better, it can act as a charging stand. Letting you rest your Apple Watch on the outside and even propped up at an angle for Night Stand mode. Inside there's a spool to manage the excess cable and keep things all neat and tidy. The inside is silicone lined so won't damage anything.

You'll have to provide your own original Apple Watch charging cable. This Apple Watch accessory is compatible with every Apple Watch model. If you're a frequent traveller, this is a perfect way to get all your gear organised.

Best Apple Watch protective cases

Spigen Tough Armor Case

Buy now: Amazon | $13.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch is a beautiful bit of kit. The difficult part is keeping it that way, especially if you're mountain biking, rock climbing or just doing some DIY. This hard-wearing, ruggedised case means you can keep it strapped to your wrist, feeding you notifications and capturing your fitness data, without the worry of unsightly scuffs and scratches.

Crafted from TPU and polycarbonate, it will protect your watch from stray branches, accidental knocks and falls, all without interfering with your standard strap. Air Cushion Technology further helps big up the protection while keeping it relatively thin. Leaving all the Watch's controls open and accessible, a 2mm lip further helps protect the screen from scratches.

TwelveSouth Action Sleeve

Buy now: Amazon | $29.99

The best Apple Watch cases for added protection

Not every entry is here to just solely keep your Apple Watch safe – some manage to double up and give you a bit more practicality, too. Take the TwelveSouth Actions sleeve, for example.

Maybe you're on the punchbag in the gym, or maybe you just don't like having something around your wrist when lifting weights due to knocks or arm tension; either way, this allows you to attach the Watch's core to the upper arm belt in a similar way to how you would with a smartphone, and you can still check progress, pause your activity and mix up your music as normal.

It doesn't fit the Series 4, but Twelve South does say it's working on a new version that'll fit.

Bucardo Pinstripe Pocket Watch for Apple Watch

Buy now: Amazon | $199

14 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

Hipsters, rejoice. There's another way to wear your Apple Watch and this one will make you look like you're straight out of Bugsy Malone. Sliding into the band slots of your Apple Watch, this pocket watch case covers the screen with a flip-open metal lid.

With 38mm and 42mm Watch-friendly options available, though unfortunately no new variants for the 40mm and 42mm Series 4 casings, the engraved pocket watches come in a couple of silver and gold designs, each with 15-inch colour-matched chains. It's not perfect for runs, but you'll be the most fashionable at the party, and that front cover means it should be protected from any bumps or scratches.

Catalyst Rescue Ranger

Buy now: Amazon| $59.99

The best Apple Watch cases for added protection

If you've not yet upgraded your Watch from the original or the Series 1, you're going to want to make sure your device is waterproof. And that's what this IP68 certified case is for.

The rough, tough, overside of Catalyst's Rescue Ranger is a case and moulded strap in one, coming sturdy enough to withstand the biggest of drops. It's not the cheapest case out there – not even close – but it's cheaper than the cost of upgrading to a later edition just for waterproofing.


Buy now: | $70

14 of the best accessories for your new Apple Watch

No one knows better than you what your perfect Apple Watch strap is going to look like, so why not design your own? That's exactly what Casetify lets you do: you can pick a photo from Instagram, Facebook or your computer to create your own strap through Casetify's website or smartphone app.

You can also select from a variety of layouts once you have the image you want, or choose one of Casetify's suggested strap designs if you find yourself stuck for inspiration. The ordering process lets you specify whether you're getting a 38mm or a 42mm Apple Watch, or the new 40mm/44mm sizings, and free shipping is available.

Best Apple Watch screen and case protectors


Buy now: Amazon | $7.99

Style it out: The best accessories for your new Apple Watch

One made specifically for the Series 4, this rubber option from Honejeen gives you complete protection from any knocks and bumps, whether you're rocking the 40mm or 44mm variation of the smartwatch.

We'll admit it's not the prettiest case out there to protect your case and screen with, but there's precious few options out there at the moment, and the budget price tag makes this one a no brainer consideration.

Luvvitt Clarity

Buy now: Amazon/ | $29.99

best apple watch cases

Want to keep your Apple Watch looking just the way it did when you first opened the box? The super-clear Luvvitt Clarity case might be the protective cover for you.

This transparent jacket is made of soft, flexible material to absorb the shocks and protect the brushed steel edging of your device from getting scratched and chipped as you slump to the tarmac at the end of your street, forgetting that buying a smartwatch alone isn't going to make you fit. As a bonus, it comes with screen protector bundled in, great for preventing those eye-catching scratches.

Unfortunately, while this does come in both 38mm and 42mm variations, there's nothing for Series 4 users just yet.


Buy now: Amazon | $7.99

The best accessories for your new Apple Watch

If you're not necessarily looking for an adhesive or a flexible cover, but still want something to go over your screen, Monoy's plastic alternative gives you an added level of protection for your Apple Watch screen, no matter the Series.

Unlike other options, the tight fit here means that you won't see any moisture creep in around the screen when exercising, and it easily snaps on and off for when you want a break from having this number wrapped around the case.