Larger Apple Watch straps land as Hyper plays the imitation game

It's an absolute Apple Watch straps news bonanza
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Great news for people with chubby wrists - there's now a range of bigger Apple Watch straps on offer from the Cupertino giant.

Great news for people with non-chubby wallets - there's a Kickstarter campaign about to kick off that offers up stainless steel straps for the Apple Watch at a much more reasonable price.

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Let's start with the former and, not only is Apple offering up a link extension kit for the stainless steel edition - an extra 40mm from 6 additional links - there's also now a L/XL pack for the Sports model, for wrists from 160-245mm.

The 42mm Link Bracelet Kit, to give it its official moniker, costs though - adding more cash onto what was already an already expensive purchase.

So, step forward HyperLink and its $49 band - made from the same 316L stainless steel alloy used on the official Apple straps, we're told.

Larger Apple Watch straps land as Hyper plays the imitation game

The official Apple Link Bracelet costs, a quite frankly ridiculous, and HyperLink claims it only costs $2 to make. Ouch.

Available in three different models: 42mm Silver, 42mm Space Black and 38mm Silver, the HyperLink strap will have an RRP of $99, the lower price is the early bird Kickstarter special.

The campaign launches on 25 August and shipping is planned for October.

Larger Apple Watch straps land as Hyper plays the imitation game

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