Garmin unveils Lily 2 smartwatch - and a chest strap designed to fit with sports bras

CES 2024: The company goes big on wearables for women
Garmin Garmin lily 2 and hrm fit announcement
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Garmin is using the CES 2024 stage to debut a pair of new wearables for women, announcing the Lily 2 smartwatch and HRM-Fit chest strap. 

Typically the place where we see the company pull back the curtain on a new Fenix/Epix generation or Venu smartwatch, we're instead seeing a refresh for its lesser-spotted devices this time around.

Let's dive into the key areas of both announcements.

Lily 2 boasts Garmin Pay and dance workouts

Garmingarmin lily 2 family

Following on from the Garmin Lily released back in 2021, we now have the second-gen model - one that brings contactless payment support, improved sleep-tracking insights and retains the same petite, stylish design.

It remains one of the very few women-focused Garmin watches, with the case measuring in at just 34mm - which is about as small as you'll find on the market.

There are now two models to choose between, with the standard Lily 2 ($249.99 / £249.99) joined by the Garmin Pay-supporting Lily 2 Classic (available from $279.99 / £269.99). 


There's not much difference between the pair, though the Classic is a bit more premium with its leather band and payment support. It's also ever so slightly bigger, with the case measuring 1mm more than the Lily 2.

Both still feature the clever hidden OLED display and patterned lenses we saw in the original design, with the battery again slated to last around five days.

The software updates are relatively significant, though. Features like Sleep Score and Body Battery are now present (and probably should have been in the original), and they're backed up by the typical array of basic activity tracking for steps, calorie burn, and more. 

Garmin has added new dance fitness activities for the Lily 2, as well, with users able to categorize Zumba, Afrobeat, Bollywood, EDM, and hip-hop styles from the watch.

There's still no room for built-in GPS, with Garmin instead adding to the Lily 2's wellness chops.

Women's health tracking for menstrual cycles, guided meditation practices, and breathwork activities are all here, as well as the daily summary provided in Garmin's Morning Report. 

HRM-Fit aims to solve the sports bra problem

Garmingarmin HRM-Fit chest strap

Garmin already has a strong selection of HRM chest straps designed to provide accurate insights into your effort, but they're not especially helpful designs for women.

While traditional chest straps often have to be placed uncomfortably under a sports bra, the new HRM-Fit instead clips onto medium and high-support bras.

Garmin indicates the chest strap will seamlessly fit onto designs from Adidas, Athleta, NoBull, Under Armour, and more, and be used in any typical training discipline - running, cycling, strength training, and HIIT classes.

As with the rest of Garmin's chest straps, it's designed to link up with compatible smartwatches and Edge cycling computers from the company to broadcast data, with Running Dynamics - for granular insights into running form - support also part of the package.

You'll get a year of battery life from the coin cell battery, and it's available now for $149.99 / £139.99.

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