How to charge the Apple Watch Series 7

All you need to know about keeping Apple's latest smartwatch alive
How to charge the Apple Watch Series 7
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When the Apple Watch Series 7 was unveiled in 2021, we hoped Apple would finally budge from the 18-hour battery life it's promised since the original Watch. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case, but there were some other improvements in the battery department.

If you've just bagged yourself a Series 7 and owned an older Watch, a lot of what you need to do on the charging front has largely remain unchanged. There's a few new things to learn as you start to get to grips with Apple's new smartwatch.

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We take you through all you need to know about charging the Apple Watch Series 7 and cover what your charging options are with the smartwatch great.

How to charge the Apple Watch Series 7

How to charge the Apple Watch Series 7

The process of charging the Apple Watch Series 7 hasn't changed from how it's done on the Series 6, SE or older Watches. In the box, you'll find the charging cable with a sort of puck on the end that sits on the rear of the Watch case to power it up.

When the Watch has been correctly placed on the cradle, you'll hear a chime and see the charging symbol to indicate it's ready to start powering up again. If you see a red symbol, that means your Watch is in urgent need of power.

Along with Apple's charging cable, there are alternative ways to get your Watch powered up. You can use one of Apple's MagSafe Duo chargers or magnetic charging docks, which can help to rid your setup of cables or at least hide them away.

What's new about the Apple Watch Series 7 charger?

How to charge the Apple Watch Series 7

While the charging cable that comes with Apple's latest looks identical to the one thrown in the box with the Series 6, Apple Watch SE and older generation Watches, it is different.

This is Apple's new magnetic fast charging cable that unlike previous cables, swaps a USB end for a USB-C one. It's also swapped the all white look for.a silver base to distinguish between the new and old charger.

With that charger, Apple says you can charge the Series 7 33% faster and means you can take the Watch 0-80% charge in around 45 minutes. It magnetically connects to the Watch case, snapping in place to make sure it's securely charging.

If you're wondering if this new charger is able to charge older Apple Watches in a similarly speedy fashion, the answer is no. This setup will only offer that support with the Apple Watch Series 7. If you drop an older Watch onto it, you can expect it to charge in a similar way to dropping it on older charging cable setups.

Best Apple Watch Series 7 charging stands

If you yearn for something more substantial in the charging department and want to hide away that new cable, we have good news for you. You have charging stand options. We've picked three top options to consider dropping your Apple Watch Series 7 on when it needs some juice.

Belkin Boost Charge Pro

$59.95/£54.99, belkin,com

How to charge the Apple Watch Series 7

You can pick up Belkin's dedicated Watch charging stand directly from Apple, which is suitable to work with the Series 7 and comes in your choice of black and white looks.

You can drop your Watch on it flat or nightstand mode so it doubles up as a bedside clock and it uses Apple's new fast-charging module to get your Series 7 back up to 100% in a speedy fashion. It's small enough to take on your travels and has a 1.2 metre cable to sits underneath the stand to keep cable flailing to a minimum.

If you have an iPhone and AirPods too, Belkin does offer Boost Charge setups that will charge those devices and your Watch in one place in return for more of your cash.

Mophie 3-in-1 stand

$89.95/£84.95, apple,com

How to charge the Apple Watch Series 7

If you've got an Apple Watch, it's safe to assume you own an iPhone as well and there's a strong chance you've got a set of AirPods as well. This charging stand charges all three at the same time.

It doesn't offer the same fast charging support as the Belkin stand above, but does give you a place for that trio of Apple devices and uses Apple's MagSafe Charger, which needs to be plugged into the stand to offer that ability to simultaneously power them all up.

Veho DS-2

$39.95/£24.95, veho,com

How to charge the Apple Watch Series 7

If you're on a stricter budget, Veho's stand comes in less than Belkin and Mophie's options and offers a minimalist setup to drop your Watch onto.

The stand is angled so you can still view the Watch when it's charging away and while it's another stand that doesn't support that new fast charging module, it is made to work with Apple's latest smartwatch and uses rubber to protect the Watch case from getting scratched up when it's in place.