When will your smartwatch get the Android Wear 2.0 update?

Details on Moto, LG, Asus, Fossil, Tag, Casio, Huawei, Polar, Sony, Nixon and more

Wondering when your watch will get your Android Wear 2.0 update? Most of the current Google watch crop should have got their Android Wear 2.0 update by now. The official word from the Big G at launch was:

"Android Wear 2.0 will be available for all supported Android Wear watches in the coming weeks."

However, Google has told us that a bug found in the final stages of testing caused delays with the rollout. The good news is that the Android Wear 2.0 rollout started to happen at the end of March.

Below are the details on all the Android Wear 2.0 updates for existing watches. Read on to find out about your smartwatch…

Asus ZenWatch 2 / Asus ZenWatch 3

Asus stated that the ZenWatch 2 and 3 will get their Android Wear 2.0 updates in Q2 of 2017 and Google confirmed an April/May timescale. However, nothing landed in April, and ZenWatch 3 users only received the update in mid-July. As for the ZenWatch 2, users should have been part of two waves receiving the OTA update: one during July and one at the beginning of August. Things should be all wrapped up on this front now.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch / Casio Pro Trek

The existing Smart Outdoor Watch (WSD-F10) update has rolled out and should have landed on your watch by now - we've got it running on ours. The Pro Trek (WSD-F20) comes with Wear 2.0 already running the show.

Fossil Q Founder / Fossil Q Marshal / Fossil Q Wander

The 2.0 Fossil upgrade kicked off on the Q Founder and now the second-generation Q devices ‚Äď that's the Wander and the Marshal ‚Äď are receiving their updates too. You should have it done and dusted by now.

Huawei Watch

With the Huawei Watch 2 official, the Chinese company already has a 2.0 device in its armoury. The original Watch, which was the go-to device for devs testing the Wear 2.0 beta, is finally getting the update. Users on the developer preview are reporting getting an OTA update. As for those still on Wear 1.5, users have reported to have made it work by tapping on the green "System is up to date" screen repeatedly to "force" the update to happen.

LG Watch Urbane / LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE / LG G Watch R

Only the oldest LG Wear smartwatch, the original G, misses out on the update. The LG Watch R and LG Watch Urbane updates have rolled out along with the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition.

Michael Kors Access

Like the trio of Fossil watches listed above, the Michael Kors Access duo ‚Äď that's the Bradshaw and Dylan ‚Äď should now have their new software.

Moto 360 2nd-gen / Moto 360 Sport

Motorola has confirmed that Wear 2.0 has started rolling out to the 2nd-gen Moto 360, though the Moto 360 Sport variant had to wait a bit longer. We now know the company is finally rolling out the update to its Sport variant, which means you should be able to access the new Wear smarts.

New Balance RunIQ

New Balance put the RunIQ on sale just days before Android Wear 2.0 went live, which was a dumb move. However, the rollout is now underway.

Nixon The Mission

Nixon's The Mission's 2.0 upgrade rollout has begun. Gnarly.

Polar M600

The M600's Android Wear 2.0 update, which has rolled out, was also followed up by a big software update that added a load of new swim tracking features to the monitoring mix.

Sony Smartwatch 3

Big stink alert. A lot of you have ‚Äď rightly ‚Äď been in touch to express frustration that the Sony SmartWatch 3 isn't getting the Android Wear 2.0 treatment. And there's even been a petition to pressure Sony into changing its mind. But it's not happening. Sorry.

Tag Heuer Connected

During the official unveiling of the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 earlier this year, the company's CEO stated that Wear 2.0 was coming for the original Connected at the end of the month and he wasn't lying ‚Äď the smartwatch was on the original list of three smartwatches receiving the 2.0 OS and everyone should now have it.

Keep an eye on this story as we'll keep it up-to-date with the latest Android Wear 2.0 update information.

Rocking a Samsung Gear Live, original Moto 360, LG G Watch or Sony Smartwatch 3 and annoyed you won't be upgrading to Android Wear 2.0? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • mugu007·

    Absolutely frustrated by the fact that the LG G Watch is left out purely because its an older device, even through there are no notable hardware restrictions

    • kelleymcches·

      Actually, Android Wear 2.0 requires a hardware button for many of the basic tasks. The LG G Watch doesn't have a hardware button to do any tasks.

  • amar·

    is sony getting android wear2.0, cause it has all the features such as a gps, nfc, wifi,except for a heart rate sensor. And processor is also equal to most android watches out there. And has recieved all the security patch updates. So it is more than eligible for getting the update. But google wants us to but the high end smartwatches .

  • beamer·

    What no LG G watch update why !!!

  • Pocodiablo·

    Why is sony smartwatch 3 not being updated, the spec seems comparabe with the rest. Why would you buy another non supported Sony product. Smart watches are destoned to fail due to lack of support, worthy apps and less than poor battery life. Anybody want to buy a Smart watch?????? No wonder people are shifting to Apple products at least you have consistency and support.

  • Madmeekz·

    Sony Smartwatch 3, a watch that has stand alone GPS can Bluetooth to almost anything and includes NFC isn't getting wear 2.0??? 

    One of few watches that could actually benefit from the update - I can't believe they've left this out. Been itching to use android wear pay! Gerrr

    • JohnnyEggflips·

      Google and LG don't want the cheap competition, that's why!

    • carlos007·

      don't use android pay but if smart watch 3 get wear 2 think I will use more if I can pay with my watch

  • Darkstar·

    I bought the Sony smartwatch 3 because it had every spec needed to be future forward and it's not being updated!?!? That's absurd! I bought it because it had the best specs of them ALL! I almost wish I could get a refund!

  • Steegs·

    Same here with the Sony SW3! Extremely disappointed that it looks like it won't be updated :(
    It may be considered "old", but it has all the features & the power, Plus, it's the latest model available from Sony- A very large manufacturer! Not as though it's something that's been superseded for ages!

  • craig0r·

    Yep, I'm also peeved that the Sony Smartwatch is left off the list. I bought it because I felt like it was the best device available, and soon it will be one of the worst.

  • itsmichaelmurph·

    What the heck!? Anticipating Wear 2.0 I just bought a Sony SW3. It has the same specs as all the other smartwatches plus more! It has built in GPS and NFC for Android pay!!! This is ridiculous, Sony might be losing a customer to this if they don't announce something soon. I'll be emailing them with a complaint and you all should too if you feel the same.

  • Chozanean·

    Honestly, for what I use my 1st gen 360 for, I'm not bothered. Won't be upgrading, and will probably replace this with a normal old fashioned wristwatch when it dies.

    Unless something drastic happens, and I'm talking to the effect of the original iPhone on mobiles, then smart watches are in a mess of trouble.

  • himura·

    I heard that Sony SW3 WILL be updated according to the email from Sony to one of the community members. If you own this watch and can't wait for the update (like me), just google it, this story is easy to find. 

    • Cangurocolcasco·

      The story is easy to find....but difficult to believe...

  • lgsucks·

    Need to update all Watches. All of them have the hardware spec required. Why are you still selling these watches if you are not updating them to latest OS?

  • carlos007·

    I have the sony smartwatch 3 which I think is amazing cant understand why it wont get wear 2 .if it does will beat any other watch out there. until if and when smartwatch 4 comes out 3 will beat any other watch even more with wear 2. so come on sony update and boost sales of 3 till 4 comes out  

  • reddunrogue·

    I am disappointed that the Samsung Gear Live wont be getting the update. Aside from the cheesy charger issue which I've addressed with a chip clip, it's still a very nice watch. I bought a new Asus Zenwatch for style, but I would still utilize my Gear Live for sport.

    • TechGuy·

      The Samsung Gear Live is an amazing smartwatch but lacking some stuff. I have a Gear S but ran AW 1.5.01 on it using a custom built ROM using the Gear Live ADB port. I would really ditch it out. Samsung's Tizen is not universal as I have a Nexus 5X and can't pair with the Tizen wearable. I ran a custom version AW and it's working perfectly aside that some gestures and the SIM card and LTE are not working besides that the screen format (16:9) is not fully supported (supported on OS, not supported by some Wear apps, games and watch faces) and I love it. When I purchased my Nexus (I had a Galaxy Mega before), my Gear S was junk until I flashed the universal AW on it. After all, feeling too bad the Gear Live won't get the update as it'll support LTE and SIM connections (as with the custom ROM AW it is a feature not supported on AW 1.5.01), faster processing, better gestures, and better OS experience based on Android 7.0 N (my Nexus has 7.1.2 beta so I wanted my watch to match the same version) as well as bug fixes and improvements to the custom ROM itself. Really disappointed. Yep it does work perfectly, pair with my Nexus and install apps, but nope, it does not work as fully standalone, SIM and LTE connections are not supported, and a lot more etc,...etc. It looks like our hope is gone as for:

      1. Samsung have already acted (didn't say but actions are a thousand words) of putting it's hand out of the Googlish AW platform and continue going on Tizen. Really disappointed. Would complaint on Samsung and would like a quick action, if to update to AW 2.0. Both the Gear Live and Gear S are great devices and deserve an update!
      2. Some people say that the two-year term (the same on all phones as for discounting updates for Android after 2 years, like my Nexus 5X which may discontinue after Android O 8.0) is applied. I'm not really a Dev in AW but I'm in Android (I rooted my Nexus 5X using CMD, ran XPOSED for a short term on Android 7.1.1 but it crashed, and developed some stuff as I'm an Android fan) so I don't think the term is applied to Android Wear wearables.
      3. The Gear Live was barely improved on AW 1.5.01 as for only security and some bug fixes, so that was a sign for No. 1 (Samsung put it's hand out of AW)
      4. The Gear Live doesn't support LTE nor has SIM support, so the update wouldn't really suit it (but I'm kind of questioning as the Huawei Watch doesn't have SIM and LTE support and got the Dev Preview Beta of AW 2.0, & even if, Gear S users like me running a custom built ROM based on the Gear Live would prefer presumingly an update)

      I hope that the AW 2.0 would come out to the Gear Live so that it can come to my Gear S

  • droidtest·

    Why did Google push this so far down the SERPs?  Not all of us want to buy your new watch Google.

  • rhys013·

    I bought the Sony Smartwatch 3 less than two months ago, and now they are saying it is not getting an update?! This is stupid, this watch has everything needed for the update and they have no reason to leave it out.

  • Tesssed·

    s w 3 does pretty much most of the things listed n the update prior except for Android pay and stand alone apps, still a good product regardless if getting update.

  • Ps62·

    Expect Sony to do something about Sony smartwatch 3

  • Jbergman·

    Super annoyed, I love my Sony Smart watch 3 and I hate I cannot use it for Android Pay. Now, Google is supporting Android Pay on their watches and I cannot get the update to actually use all the capabilities of my watch. Sony says they are releasing an update for it though, but everything have read from Google and Android Central and other cites say they are not getting it. Guess I will just wait and see.

  • Darkstar·

    I'm livid! I bought the Sony smartwatch 3 because the specs made it seem to be the best, strongest and most future forward of all the watches. I'm so disappointed in Sony. Everything I buy from them goes obsolete. PS4 can play 3D movies on my Sony 3D TV but not 4K video. I sense a pattern.

    Never again will I buy Sony.

  • Xarra·

    Sony SWR50 = best smartwatch!!!

    Quadcore 1.2 GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 4GB eMMC,  420mAh Li-Pol battery, NFC, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, WiFi, voice, touch, gestures, hardware button..... What is missing for AW2.0??? 

    Keep alive Sony SW3!!!

  • harrigro·

    I am highly pissed off. I was among the first to buy the original Moto 360 first gen. We hope put the desire for smartwatches on the map. And damn near $400 on top of that. Now we get a slap in the face by being left out of the 2.0 update. Forcing me to have to go out and dish out more money for something that I really don't need, because mine still works  perfectly. This is ridiculous!

  • kalala·

    Anybody got an update on any watch yet?

  • danholle·

    I switched from Fitbit to Android Wear because (I thought) it brought with it an inclusive, open platform that I could count on.  But having bought a Sony smartwatch 3, I now stand, chagrined and re-educated, realizing that Android Wear is not those things.

  • oldhickorytony·


  • Picard87·

    Same here. Anybody got the update yet? (Huawei Watch maybe)

  • bpdunsta·

    Nothing here yet either. LG G Watch R and LG Watch Urbane 2.0 LTE

  • Sprada85·

    Waiting the update in Finland.. (Huawei Watch)

  • Demic·

    Anyone think we (Huawei Watch owners) might not get it until after the launch of the new Huawei Watch 2 coming next week??

    • rebshore·

      I'm thinking same - I checked yesterday- no update.

  • AndroidFan132·

    Can the Samsung Gear Live run 2.0 well, or are they just causing owners to buy their newer watches? I would love to flash it onto my watch but I'm not sure if it will be capable of running it.

  • umel·

    Any news here? I'm excited..My urbane 2 is running on developer version.I want it in full version. :)

  • KaanS·

    Fossil says the OTA will roll out at 15th march. It's unclear if this date is only for the Fossil watches or for all watches that will get 2.0.

    So, we can wait even longer. Nice

  • KaanS·

    Fossil says the roll-out will start at 15th march. It's unclear if this date is only for the Fossil watches or for all which will get 2.0

    So, we can wait even longer. Nice!

  • marckoliver·

    Nobody got it yet!? Fossil Q Founder user in Brazil, still waiting. Come on Fossil, hurry up!!!

    • KaanS·

      Look at my comment below.

      A guy has asked Fossil and the answer was 15th march

      • KaanS·


        • marckoliver·

          What I am asking is if someone already got it, since your answer was Feb-15 and I asked Feb-17. So, the question remains, any Fossil user already got it!?

  • marckoliver·

    So, any Fossil owner received the damn update!?!?

    • bpdunsta·

      The earlier commenter, KaanS, said that Fossil told him MARCH 15, not Feb 15.

  • ezkhello·

    i am really upset that moto 360 first gen is not getting updated

  • No-Politics-Kid·

    I don't understand why you decided to take a political jab at New Balance.  ... I don't understand how that furthers your cause as a website to review wearables.

    Political opinion shouldn't matter on this website. Which means the companies you review, the people who do reviews, and your website (as a whole) should remain on topic.  ... Grow up, please.

  • renolanguages·

    Royally annoyed that a silly hardware button bumped the LG G Watch out of the Wear 2.0 update. In fact that's greatly why I don't care for Wear 2.0 as a whole; I like my buttons and UX interfaces virtual and programmable, and Wear 2.0 doesn't deliver much to altogether speak of a new major release number uptick worthy improvement. I'm sitting this one out, and wonder if this whole smartwatch thing is already on its deathbed.

  • jcaraquem·

    I really don't know why that almost 3 weeks after goggle launched AW 2.0 update there is know update for my LG Urbane. This is amazing.

    I don't see Apple delaying the update for their Apple Watch I, expecting to sell more Apple Watch II

  • Scottydug·

    Gutted. Just got my Sony Smartwatch 3 delivered today, hoping I could install Strava and listen to music though Google Play Music (I knew Spotify wasn't supported) but it turns out it can't be done from an iPhone. Back in the box and returned the same day. Shame because I liked the look and feel of it. 

    The hunt continues for an all in one wearable so I can finally ditch my phone when going running.

  • markosookari·

    Waiting the update to arriwe to my Huawei Watch, hopefully tomorrow :).

  • agmoussa·

    1-I think google must ask for help fixing software from Apple or Microsoft.

    2- I think it is time to get red from my Huswei watch and buy Apple Watch .

    3-Google and Huawei losses many clients because of delays of this upgrade .

  • mariusdec·

    Maybe the update was delayed because it is required for large manufacturers like LG and Huawei to sell new watches that have Android 2.0

    • Dodo80240·

      unfortunatly I think you're right...

    • Dodo80240·

      unfortunatly I think you're right !

  • maggerbee·

    So sad Sony won't update the Smartwatch 3, and where is the Smartwatch 4? 

  • Sleekguy·

    All users of Polar M600 has got the update to AW 2.0 no later then 6th of April. That's include the new swim metrics. I got the update early so already tried indoor pool with swim metrics a couple of times. The Polar flow app is also updated so you can change sport profile including indoor swimming 

  • JimboHay·

    I've had the 2.0 update on my polar m600 for best part of a week now. The wear 2.0 changes are mostly a big improvement to the look and UX with the device but I'm not sure if polar have rolled out the bugged version or something as I've gone from getting easily through two days of battery life with a good 20% or more left to barely scraping through two days if I use the watch a bit more carefully.

    I've contacted polar too and they don't seem to care. Their answer is you're making it the two days which is what we quote so no problem. But the watch is now needing power saving mode to be active on the 2nd night to make it through the two days. Never had to do that before.

    So overall I'm a little disappointed as i thought battery life was supposed to improve.

    Maybe polar just buggered it up

    • Sleekguy·

      I got my update end of March and actually got some small improvement in battery life during workout. Around 10-11 hours with GPS and 5-6 hours with GPS, HR, music. Little more then two days of battery life including 2 hours workout. Theather mode during night.  Do you use Polars watch face? Others can drain battery.

    • Sleekguy·

      You have notice that Polar app has got it first update today? Bug fixes

  • bpdunsta·

    Update hit my LG G Watch R yesterday. Nothing on the 1st gen Urbane or 2nd gen Urbane just yet.

    • bpdunsta·

      1st gen Urbane received the update today. I haven't seen an ETA for the 2nd gen Urbane LTE. Hopefully soon

  • jsledge·

    Please help me understand this upgrade. I'm not receiving calls or notifications.

  • Jo96·

    Does anyone have micheal kors access Bradshaw, with an iPhone. I'm updated to 2.0 but still can't use the phone functionality I'm only given the option to end the call. It's really not a big deal but I would like to be able to at least answer the phone before it sent the call to voicemail like I was previously before the update. 

  • Irwin·

    Every company made at least a promice. Only Lenovo keeps silence. Very dissapointed.

  • Sleekguy·


    Polar M600 got the new swim metric when AW 2.0 arrived. For me 31 of March and I have tried it several times since then. Initially it was some problem with pace but a update solved that problem.

  • GrIn·

    LG still hasn't released the Wear 2.0 update for the LG Watch Urbane 2... which is absolutely pathetic, seeing that this was the watch used to test the pre-release version of the software. Is LG dragging it's feet because it thinks this'll help it secure more Watch Sport sales? If so, this is going to backfire - all the Urbane 2 owners out there are being turned against the brand. Come on, LG - do what you promised to do, and release the update!

    • novovictus·

      It is June and still no Urbane 2 update....

    • EricP·

      It's already backfiring, I won't by LG ever again. It's horrible what they're doing here with his update. 

  • Foros·

    LG has been lying to people since the beginning. LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition has only been used for testing and it is up to us - users. DO NOT BUY FROM LG! Scammers!

    • EricP·

      Unbelievable! We still don't have the update for LG Urbane LTE and it's June 30th !!! What's up?

  • MarcusZeitgeist·


    11 July and... No Android Wear on ZenWatch3

  • Sirradiodude·

    I was an open-minded Samsung to LG convert, but now since LG has abandoned their customers using Urbane 2 LTE I take my business elsewhere. No excuse at all for porting AW2.0 to Urbane 2 LTE. LG sport is almost EXACTLY the same spec-ed watch as LG Sport but with smaller battery and slower processor. It seems like they are convinced customer will return and buy the Sport watch after being ripped off previously. My advice to LG... good luck. My advice to customers... dump their products ASAP because a promise or a warranty means nothing to these crooks.