LG Watch Style: Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch essential guide

Everything you need to know about LG's style conscious new Wear watch
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Here's something you might not expect from Google and LG's big Android Wear 2.0 launch: the LG Watch Style, a $249 fashion conscious, feature-light smartwatch.

Yet here it is, alongside the new, spec heavy LG Watch Sport. Google and LG are clearly targeting a whole separate group of people with this device, many of whom have never owned a wearable before and that's clever.

Check out our LG Watch Style review if you're tempted by the new addition to the Android Wear family or read on for everything you need to know about the device.

LG Watch Style: Design

LG Watch Style: Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch essential guide

The big sell of the Watch Style, as the name suggests, is the design. It's is aiming to check those three 'S's that a smartwatch women might even consider wearing has to check: small, slim and stylish.

It's certainly small, like a more compact Urbane or a slightly bigger, more premium Pebble Time Round. It's slim-ish at 10.8mm and will - as Google points out - fit more easily under sleeves than most smartwatches. It's skinnier than a Moto 360 2 which was going for the same vibe though, for comparison, Pebble's now-dead round smartwatch was only 7.5mm thick.

It is also fairly stylish with three muted, inoffensive models of rose gold, silver and titanium matte finishes to choose from, all made from stainless steel with a slim bezel and with interchangeable 18mm leather and silicon straps.

Aside from the simple design, it's also impressively light - we don't have the exact weight in grams yet but our testing confirms this.

LG Watch Style: Display

LG Watch Style: Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch essential guide

LG has saved most of its pixels for the Watch Sport's impressive display but the Watch Style's resolution isn't exactly shabby. You get a 1.2-inch round (fully round, that is so no flat tyre) P-OLED display that's 360 x 360 which works out as 299ppi.

The touchscreen is coated in Gorilla Glass 3 to protect it from scratches, an ambient light sensor for auto brightness and the whole thing is also IP67 water and dust resistant.

LG has also worked to give the Watch Style's screen good outdoor visibility which makes sense as it boasts far fewer functions than its sibling so most of your use will be interacting with the screen.

LG Watch Style: Android Wear 2.0 & features

LG Watch Style: Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch essential guide

As with the design, LG really has kept things simple here so if you go into your purchase knowing what you're getting, you won't be disappointed.

This is one of the two joint-first smartwatches to run launch with Android Wear 2.0. So, you can download standalone smartwatch apps straight from the Play Store on the Watch Style.

There's Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but no LTE here so you'll either need to have your phone or access to a Wi-Fi connection. There's also no NFC, which is a real shame, so there's no contactless Android Pay payments either.

What you do get are smartphone alerts and contextual updates from Google Assistant, as ever and new personalised watch faces. There's activity and fitness tracking from either Google Fit or third party apps via an accelerometer and gyroscope but no GPS.

The single rotating crown on the side of the device is used to rotate through app icons in a big improvement to Android Wear's usability and you can tap to dictate, type, handwrite or emoji reply to messages.

LG Watch Style: Battery life & hardware

LG Watch Style: Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch essential guide

The Style packs a 240mAh battery, which is on the (very) small side, but sacrifices have had to be made to get it down to a slim and light form factor. That said, there's no GPS to drain it either. On paper, the Watch Style should last up to two days, in testing it was more like one day.

LG has gone down the wireless charging route so enjoy if that's your wearable tech jam.

As for hardware, the Style is powered by a 1.1Ghz Snapdragon Wear 2100 from Qualcomm with 512MB of RAM. There's also 4GB of storage for music.

LG Watch Style: Price & release date

The Watch Style is $249 so mid-range for a smartwatch, though on the high end if you consider how many features it's lacking. You're paying for the light, slim, stylish form factor here.

The LG Watch Style is on sale straight from Google as well as Best Buy in the US from 10 February - Google says we can expect availability in the UK, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa "in the coming weeks".

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