How to turn off or restart a Wear OS smartwatch

The quick and easy guide to rebooting your device
Restarting a Wear OS smartwatch
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Knowing how to turn off or restart your Wear OS smartwatch are two essential tricks you need to have in your locker.

Whether you want to switch your smartwatch off to save some battery, or you want to restart it in order to get rid of a software issue, doing so is both quick and easy.

And it doesn't matter which Wear watch you have - whether you own a Fossil Sport, Fossil Gen 5, or something else entirely, the methods are all the same.

With this guide, we'll be going through the steps to achieve either. However, don't get these methods confused with a hard reset - that's something you can learn with our guide to restoring factory settings on Wear OS.

How to restart a Wear OS smartwatch

How to turn off or restart a Wear OS smartwatch

There are two methods you can use to restart your Wear watch, with this resulting in the device quickly turning off before immediately coming back on with all the same settings, apps and watch faces.

1. Press and hold the power button

To perform a restart from the watch using its buttons, hold the power button (typically the watch crown) for three seconds, or until the watch shuts off.

If, however, your Wear watch has no buttons, you can still restart it through the second method, below.

2. Restart through your watch's settings

From the device's home screen, swipe down from the top and tap the 'Settings' cog, then 'System'.

From here, choose the 'Restart' option.

How to turn off a Wear OS smartwatch

While you can't ask the Google Assistant to turn your Wear smartwatch off for you, it is possible to go into the settings of your device and turn it off manually.

1. From the watch's home screen, swipe across to the apps list.

2. Scroll down to the 'Settings' option.

3. Hit 'System'.

4. Turn your watch off by tapping the 'Power off' option.

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