How to use a Wear OS smartwatch to find your phone

Locate your missing smartphone directly from your wrist
Find your phone with Wear OS
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Finding your lost phone with a smartwatch is one of its simplest and most useful elements - and all Wear OS smartwatches have the capability to do this.

The feature isn't quite as helpful as Apple's Find My app, which pinpoints would-be lost devices on a map, but you can still use your Wear device to buzz your smartphone if the pair are connected over Bluetooth.

Whether you use Android or iPhone, find out exactly what you need for this feature to work and how to get started.

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How to use 'Find my phone' on Wear OS

How to use a Wear OS smartwatch to find your phone

In order to access this feature, there are naturally a few requirements. Firstly - and a bit of an obvious one - your phone will have to be powered on.

It'll also have to be connected to your smartwatch over Bluetooth, and therefore still close enough so that you can hear it when it rings.

Handily, your phone will actually ring even if the settings have it set to silent or vibrate.

Make your phone ring through Wear OS

1. From the home screen, press the crown to bring up the list of apps.

2. Scroll through the menu and reach 'Find my phone'.

3. Select it, and then follow the prompt to ring your phone.

4. Once you've found your phone, you can tap the screen on your smartwatch to end the ring.

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