ChatGPT app lands for Wear OS - here's how to use it

WearGPT lands for Galaxy Watch and Pixel Watch
Wareable ChatGPT app lands for Wear OS - here's how to use it photo 1
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A new ChatGPT app has landed on the Google Play Store, to bring the AI service to Wear OS users.

WearGPT is now available to download for Google-powered smartwatches, such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, Pixel Watch or Fossil Gen 6.

To download it, just head to the Google Play Store, and search for WearGPT.

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Once it’s installed on your smartwatch, just navigate to the app and fire it up.

By far the easiest way to use the app is to use voice control (although text input is supported), so ask a question and soak up the written response. 

Most replies are quite long so you can scroll with your finger. 

Just like the Apple Watch version, ChatGPT can’t interact with apps on your watch or complete tasks like Google Assistant can. It’s very much about retrieving the answers to complex (or simple questions) without giving up and just throwing a random internet resource at you, as Google Assistant does.

But it’s also not as good at real-time queries such as weather reports or sports scores.  

One day, voice assistants and ChatGPT will merge together for the ultimate resource for wearables users – but for now, this is just a fun way to explore this very cool technology on your wrist.

And if you get lucky, it might be useful.


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