Leak shows that Garmin could be close to revealing its biggest ever smartwatch

Uncovered FCC filing could relate to a new Garmin Instinct model
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Update: The Garmin Instinct 2X is now official – check out our full review.

A fresh leak has signaled the impending release of a new Garmin watch - one boasting a bigger case size than we've ever seen from the company.

The uncovered FCC filing related to a new smartwatch labeled as 'A04600', with the same moniker also appearing on the Singapore Government Agency's database.

The specifics are a little sketchy at this stage, but hidden within the application are details that could relate to the watch's case size. And, if accurate, it seems as though the 'A04600' device could feature a whopping 57mm case. 

For reference, that's much larger than we typically see from Garmin - even the Fenix 7X and Fenix 6X only offer a 51mm case, and they're positively huge on most wrists.

However, it's likely this mysterious behemoth is from an entirely different line to the Fenix. The better guess, we think, is that this is a larger version of the 45mm Garmin Instinct 2 Solar - potentially an Instinct 2X Solar - especially given that it's now been around a year since its release.

With all this said, however, we know from experience over the years that the dimensions outlined in FCC filings aren't always especially reliable.

We still think it's likely that the new device is bigger than around 50mm, given the details of the filing, but 57mm also feels like a bit of a reach.

An FCC filing popping up usually indicates an official announcement and the release date is close, so expect to see the full details emerge over the next couple of months. 

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