Android Wear 2.0 update delay is down to a bug found in testing

Google confirms the reason why the upgrade hasn't been rolling out
Android Wear 2.0 update bug confirmed
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Staring at your smartwatch 24/7 and wondering when that Android Wear 2.0 update will finally arrive?

If so, bad news we're afraid - Google has confirmed to us that a bug is holding up the rollout:


"We have started rolling out the Android Wear 2.0 update to Fossil Q Founder, Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 and Tag Heuer Connected. For other devices, the update is currently being delayed due to a bug found in final testing. We will push the update to the remaining devices as soon as the issue is resolved."

Balls indeed. Don't forget, the initial plan was for the rollout to begin back on 15 February.

The upgrade for the three devices stated above began on 29 March, although we're yet to see the pop-up notifying us of the update show up on any of our watches. We're told that it should arrive by 4 April at the latest.


For the rest of the gang it's a bit of a waiting game then. If you're rocking a ZenWatch, a Moto 360, a Nixon Mission, a Polar M600 or any of the other smartwatches due for the update, make sure you bookmark our Wear 2.0 update status page, which we're updating regularly.


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