Xiaomi's Amazfit to launch smart shoes that track your fitness

No word on if the budget Antelope sneakers will make it out of China
Xiaomi's Amazfit to launch smart shoes
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After two previous generations of its smart shoes, Xiaomi has turned to sub-brand Amazfit to launch a new pair of connected sneakers.

The Chinese tech giant partnered with Li-Ning (another Xiaomi sub-brand) for its first iteration before a second pair came through Mijia. And now Amazfit is taking a stab at the fitness tracking soles, with its Antelope shoes now on Xiaomi crowdfunding platform Youpin priced at just 199 Yuan - which translates to approximately $32.

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Available in black, grey, orange, green, and rose gold, the shoes feature an in-built Mijia Wisecore chip that's able to track the likes of steps and calories. Runners will also be able to receive further insights, with the shoes able to calculate metrics such as foot strike and touchdown time.

In terms of the design of the shoe, Amazfit states that the Antelope will feature a breathable sole and an outsole produced by Goodyear. They will also be shock absorbing, the company say, thanks to the elastic responsive cushioning.

The connected shoes are available in US sizes 6-12, with women's models also coming in black, green and red at sizes from 5-9. As you might expect, we unfortunately have no word on if the shoes will launch outside of China, though Amazfit notes that shipments within its own territory will begin on 17 May.

We've yet to see smart sneakers take off in a big way, though the wildly low price of Xiaomi's latest entry is certainly something that could propel sales considerably in its own back yard. Here's hoping they make it to the US and Europe at some point with the same price tag.

Xiaomi's Amazfit to launch fitness tracking smart shoes