Ultrahuman Ring puts a metabolism tracker on your finger

New smart ring also wants to help you decide when to take a rest day
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Startup Ultrahuman is getting into the smart ring game with the promise to help wearers better understand their metabolic health.

Having already launched its wearable M1 glucose monitoring patch, the Ultrahuman Ring can work in conjunction with the M1 patch or on its own to help draw links between your lifestyle choices and the impact it has on your metabolism.

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It's packing motion sensors to track movement and sleep with a heart rate sensor also packed in to deliver real-time data and then offer actionable insights via the companion phone app, which is available for both Android phones and iPhones.

Ultrahuman also says the Ring is able to perform a body scan, picking up heart rate, heart rate variability and body temperature to help users understand how those metrics vary based on what you do during the day and to also offer recovery advice based on that information.

Ultrahuman Ring puts a metabolism tracker on your finger

The ring itself comes in the choice of four colors giving you a pick of black, grey, silver and gold looks. It will be available in different sizes, though there's no details whether there will be sizing kits used to make sure you get a ring that properly fits.

It's one you will apparently be able to keep on when you're swimming and weightlifting too thanks to a titanium design that's coated with tungsten carbide to improve its resistance to scratches.

Battery life will be anywhere from 4-6 days, which means it should have slightly longer battery life than king of the smart rings, the Oura Ring 3.

Preorders for the Ultrahuman Ring open on 7 July with shipping of the smart ring starting in August 2022. There's a pricing roadmap with the first 200 orders picking it up for $199 with the regular pricing going up to $299. That's around the price you can expect to pay for the latest Oura Ring.

This isn't the first device to promise to help people hack their metabolism. We tested out the Lumen metabolism tracker alongside its companion Apple Watch app and had mixed results with the setup.

While Ultrahuman says its ring works without the smart patch, it sounds like combining the two will offer the richest tracking experience. We're hoping to have one to try out very soon to see if this ring is one you're going to want to wear.

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