The week in wearable tech: Snap Spectacles expanding the view

The biggest stories from the last seven days
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Well, wearable tech lovers, it's been another wild week.

With plenty of real-life events to distract you from important matters in the tech industry this week, we've rounded up the biggest and best stories in case you missed anything.

Read on to get the scoop on Fitbit's smartwatch, the Nintendo Switch's secret weapon, the future of Snap Spectacles and the outcome of the Oculus vs. Zenimax court case.

Fitbit (finally) confirms smartwatch plans

The week in wearable tech: Snap Spectacles expanding the view

Despite dropping the most elaborate clues possible through the acquisitions of Pebble, Vector (pictured) and Coin, CEO James Parks finally officially announced Fitbit's smartwatch plans this week.

And while remaining relatively coy on specific details, Parks' clues indicate that we can probably look forward to a well-rounded smartwatch that will pair the company's usual fitness tracking antics with in-built wearable payments, a monster battery and a focus on style and design.

We already know Fitbit is planning to launch an app store alongside the device, meaning this year is shaping up to be a busy one for the fitness giant. Whether it can continue its dominance and compete with the best smartwatches of 2017, though, remains to be seen. If you're sticking to trackers, check out our Fitbit Charge 2 vs Garmin Vivosmart HR+ comparison.

Oculus vs. Zenimax court case wraps up

The week in wearable tech: Snap Spectacles expanding the view

The long-standing dispute between Oculus and Zenimax has come to a conclusion, with a jury ordering Oculus must pay out $500 million in damages.

While that amount is mind-boggling in regular terms, it's actually a lot less than Zenimax wanted. Wareable understands that the company was seeking $6 billion, and not the $4 billion previously reported — itself up from the initial $2 billion when the case went to trial.

If virtual reality law suits happen to be your thing, you can read our primer to the Oculus and Zenimax court case and get up to speed with what all the fuss is over. Or, alternatively, get lost in the best games Oculus Rift has to offer.

Snap Spectacles expanding the view

The week in wearable tech: Snap Spectacles expanding the view

Remember those few weeks in 2016 when Snap's Spectacles vending machines took over the wearable tech world?

Well, get ready to embrace it all over again, because the company has announced it will be significantly expanding the rollout of the devices in 2017.

Despite the popularity, this decision is still based on faith in the product and not significant sales, since initial numbers were so limited.

We'll soon know whether the Spectacles are a passing fad or a smartglass revolution, but the recent acquisition of Israeli AR startup Cimagine is further evidence the company is playing the long game.

Nintendo exploring Switch VR

The week in wearable tech: Snap Spectacles expanding the view

As Nintendo gears up to launch its next-generation console, the Switch, fresh details have emerged about its potential compatibility with virtual reality.

Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima revealed that the gaming giant is "studying" ways to add virtual reality component to the console, though did also admit there are obstacles to overcome — such as issues surrounding playing for long periods of time.

Currently, the company is the only major console maker to not announce any solid VR plans, with Sony already launching PS VR and Microsoft launching Windows VR as well as confirming its upcoming Project Scorpio console will be VR-compatible.

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