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Microsoft HoloLens coming soon

Welcome to your weekly dose of wearable news, rumours and rumblings that we like to call And finally.

Now as popluar on a Sunday as football, roast beef and church... probably... And finally is an easy place to catch up with those little stories from the last seven days you may have missed.

Stories such as...

Microsoft HoloLens launch plans detailed

"We will have developer versions of it first and then it will be more commercial use cases and then it will evolve," Microsoft's CEO Satya Nadella told the BBC, when asked about the HoloLens headset.

"This is a five year journey but we're looking forward to getting a V1 out, which is more around developers and enterprises in the Windows 10 timeframe, which means it is within the next year."

Exciting stuff indeed. In the meantime check out our hands-on review of Microsoft HoloLens and read our guide to the best AR and VR headsets.

Toshiba's wearable assault

Last year, Toshiba unveiled the WERAM1100: a fitness tracker that the Japanese company claimed has a two week battery life. And now it's back for a second bite of the wearable cherry with the Silmee W20 and W21 bands that were spotted at the International Modern Hospital Show 2015 in Tokyo.

These prototypes sound more medical than consumer facing, with an array of sensors tracking key metrics such as physical activity, sleep, temperature, speech, ultraviolet radiation, and heart rate.

No word on a release date as of yet. Have a read of our feature on 5 exciting health startups that could add years to your life.

Samsung's rotating bezel

We already kind of knew this, but it's supposedly been confirmed that Samsung's next smartwatch - the Gear A - will definitely pack a rotating bezel for extra controls.

Droid Life reported that the admission was made at a Tizen Developer event.

Here's our guide to the Samsung Gear A, with all the juicy spec and release date information.

Google Glass is coming back at you

Re/code has backed up earlier reports, claiming a second edition of Google Glass "has already been distributed to the company's Glass at Work enterprise partners."

A price-tag of "well below the original Glass' $1,500" is being touted.

Want some smartglasses? Take a look at these Google Glass alternatives.


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