Jawbone's UP service hits turbulence as transition enters final phase

It'll be back up and running soon
Jawbone's UP service hits some turbulence
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As Jawbone officially died and Jawbone Health rose from its ashes, the company put together a (poorly communicated) transition plan, which includes Health Hub servicing all Jawbone hardware in the future.

The Jawbone UP service is one of the features that'll be transitioned over to Health, but the service is currently seeing some disruptions. Jawbone users have been complaining about it not working, and not being able to sync their devices to UP over the past day or so.

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Jawbone Health says the transition plan to keep the UP service going is now in the last phase. Unfortunately, that also means that the service might go down for stretches, which is what a lot of users are experiencing. Jawbone assures that data on the servers won't be lost and that your trackers will keep data stored and transfer it over once the servers are back up.

We still don't know too much about Jawbone Health, other than it's going to focus on medical-grade tech. Many Jawbone employees have also migrated over to Jawbone Health, including CEO Hosain Rahman.

It's a good thing the company appears to be dedicated to keeping the UP service afloat, though it could also do with communicating issues like transition-based service disruptions before they happen, rather than after they happen.

Similarly, back in October Jawbone's servers stuttered and users were unable to sync their data for days, raising the fears that Jawbone had finally shuttered the service. The company soon clarified that it was an error and that it was not shutting down service.

Jawbone Health is still in its infancy, with a few dozen employees. Bloomberg reports it's also looking for money from investors to fund the company as it attempts to both service original Jawbone customers and chart a future.

Jawbone's UP service experiencing turbulence as it transitions to its final phase