Jawbone users report sync problems, but company says it's not shutting down service

It's working on a fix right now
Jawbone users are having sync problems
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Over the last few days Jawbone users have reported problems syncing their devices with the app, raising fears that Jawbone was switching off the servers. But the company told Wareable that it's simply an error, and that it's working on a fix.

Over on the Jawbone Reddit, users have complained of strange behavior with the app either recording incorrect information or none at all. The beleaguered Jawbone went out of business earlier this year, making way for a new company called Jawbone Health Hub - so understandably users have panicked that Jawbone was pulling support from old devices entirely.

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But that's not the case. A Jawbone Health spokesperson told Wareable: "It doesn't appear to be a widespread issue. We are working to fix it right away, and no we aren't shutting down the service."

While Jawbone Health says it's not widespread, it certainly appears to have affected a fair few people. Hopefully the problem will be fixed swiftly and those steps and sleep hours will start registering again.

It remains to be seen what devices Jawbone Health Hub will build, but with a focus on medical-grade tech, expectations are that we won't see new consumer trackers in the way we saw Jawbone make before. We've asked Jawbone Health about its commitments to the service in the long term, and will let you know if we get an answer.

Jawbone users report problems syncing, but company says it's not shutting down service