Fiit brings boutique fitness classes and personal trainers to your home

Using a chest strap, the platform lets you track exercises in real-time
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A new fitness platform is aiming to bring boutique fitness and renowned trainers into the home, letting you leave your gym membership behind.

Fiit uses a smartphone app to connect to a TV, with a user able to track workouts from the Cardio, Strength or Rebalance sections and have their progress tracked in real-time by a chest strap.

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The app features a range of classes for exercisers to choose from, with walk-throughs also available based on difficulty, target area, music type or simply the most popular, as well as the three core categories above. In each of these Cardio, Strength and Rebalance areas, you'll be free to follow the lead of trainers such as Chessie King, Alex Crockford and Tyrone Brennand.

It means you can rack up the minutes in HIIT workouts or stick primarily to the likes of yoga-centric classes, with your weekly activity and calorie burn all logged in the app for you to view. During the exercise itself, stats such as heart rate are displayed on the TV, and leaderboards to compete against fellow Fiit users and friends are coming in early May.

Fiit brings boutique fitness classes and personal trainers to your home

Of course, the pull here is being given the opportunity to tap into classes from the comfort of your home, instead of paying for your gym membership and struggling to fit it in around your daily life.

However, this is really more of an alternative to the gym, rather than a supplement, with memberships available on a monthly (£20), quarterly (£45) and yearly basis (£120).

Fiit is available for those in the UK on iOS, with the platform launching on Android soon.

Fiit brings boutique fitness classes and personal trainers to your home

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