Cheaper wearables are leading the boom in India

Entry-level wearables are dominating
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While Apple Watch's successes seems to be cutting into fitness tracker sales around the world, that isn't the case in India. The latest report from IDC India shows that the market there is being dominated by wearables under $50. In fact, it's accounted for 78.6% of the market in Q1 2017.

A lot of that comes down to technology like heart rate sensors getting much more affordable. "In addition to the low entry price of basic wearables, consumers are now getting better value from these devices as the category now offers advanced features," said Celso Gomes, associate market analyst for IDC India.

"Features such as heart rate, sleep monitor and among others are soon becoming the must-have features in basic wearables, even in the entry-level segments."

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GoQii is leading the Indian market with 20%, while Xiaomi follows in second with 10%. Fitbit comes up in third with 5% while everyone else makes up the remaining 64%. A lot of those remaining companies are new wearable players like Titan, who are utilizing aggressive marketing to make a dent in an ever-crowding market.

All of these new entrants are expected to grow the wearable market in India by double digits in Q2 2017. While a lot of these wearables are basic, affordable wearables, it'll be interesting to see whether India will follow the trends of the rest of the world. We've seen more affordable fitness trackers, like those of Fitbit and Xiaomi, get replaced by more fancy, higher-end options once people have gotten a taste of the wearable life.

Cheaper wearables are leading the boom in India

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