3D artist building a VR tour of Star Trek's USS Enterprise-D

Take a virtual tour of all 42 decks of Captain Picard's starship
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A 3D artist is working on a virtual reality project that will remake all 42 decks of the USS Enterprise.

For the Trekkies out there it's Captain Jean-Luc Picard's NCC-1701-D, but anyone who has ever watched an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation should get a kick out it.

Dubbed the "Enterprise-D Construction Project," the artist who's only revealed his name as Jason, is building a VR model using the Unreal Games Engine for use with the Oculus Rift. The hope is to recreate the long-range vessel in its entirety, including levels that have never been seen in any of TNG T.V. shows or movies.

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"The goal is to be able to walk the entire length of the ship, without interruption or load times," notes Jason. "Each and every room will be accessible, and unique in some way."

Jason is building the ship from uncountable archives of productions drawings, set blueprints, official shop blueprints, and "meticulous screen captures of the HD Blu-Ray versions of the episodes."

If he doesn't lose the will to live, or if CBS doesn't force him to stop first, Jason has big plans for the project's future, including adding Starfleet officers and Federation citizens, incorporating different locations like Starfleet Headquarters, and an online playable character with missions, challenges, and even your own resident quarters.

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Jason plans to hit Kickstarter and Patreon for crowdfunding in the future, and if there's enough interest in his project, he will hire developers, coders, and artists to help bring it to fruition. He also plans to get official licensing from CBS if the project becomes more than just fan fiction of the future.

Based on the alpha footage that already exists in the 12-minute demo below, the Enterprise-D Construction Project looks like it is going to be awesome.

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