Monument Valley creators to launch Land's End puzzler on Samsung Gear VR

Ustwo bringing 3D mobile puzzler 'Land's End' to Samsung Gear VR
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Ustwo, the creator of smash hit mobile game Monument Valley, is working on a new puzzle game designed specifically for virtual reality.

Land's End will launch on Samsung Gear VR headsets on 30 October, and will enable gamers to explore a breathtaking virtual world.

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The game takes place across a series of islands that you follow along on a set path. Each island features an iconic Ustwo architecture with puzzles hidden inside that you must solve in order to move on. When you have completed the puzzles on one island, you will fly across a virtual ocean to the next location.

How you solve the puzzles in Land's End is where the game sets a unique standard. Most VR games require a controller. Land's End does not.

Instead, players look at objects in order to trigger actions. For example, in one puzzle, you might have to look at three different objects in a specific order. In another, you might have to stare at an object while it moves – sort of like telekinesis.

While the new game will launch exclusively on Samsung Gear VR through the company's Oculus Store, there is no hint as to whether Ustwo has plans for a wider release at a future time.

Check out the image gallery below for more breathtaking views coming in Land's End.

Source: The Verge

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